Comic Book Reviews from Pete’s Basement Season 5, Episode 21 – 5.29.12


Segments again. Why? Pete thought he was Godzilla the whole of Memorial weekend. Ramon and Steve didn’t want to mess with that. So segments.

In this episode: Animal Man,Aquaman,Batman Incorporated,Books of Doom,Diamondhead,Dr. Doom,Dr. Strange,Episode,Fantastic Four,Fantastic Four: In Search of Galactus,Flash,Godzilla,Green Lantern: New Guardians,iVampire,Justice League Dark,Lord of the Jungle,Marv Wolfman,No Place Like Home,Noca,Rachel Rising,Resident Alien,Rob Liefeld,Sal Buscema,Secret Avengers,Skrulls,Strange Adventures,The Blue Ear,The Monocle,The New Champions,The Sphinx,The Wizard of OZ,Truimph And Torment,Witchblade,Xandar,Youngblood

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