Top 4 Fred Willard Character Quotes/Potential Headlines for Today’s Arrest.

For those of you who are not yet aware, actor Fred Willard was arrested for jerking off in a porn theater in LA.

Coincidentally, his new movie will be called “The Yank”.

This is the kind of story that smart ass people on the internet love.  I am no better.  So here are the top 4 quotes said by characters Fred Willard portrayed that can also be used to make fun of today’s events.

4.  If you put them in a race, who would come in first?

- Buck Laughlin “Best in Show”

(Can’t find the scene I want but hey there’s lots of great quotes from this movie. )


3.  I used to say “If he’s got a long enough hose, he’s gonna have a lot of friends in the shower room.

Mike LaFontaine “A Mighty Wind”

(around 1.25)


2.  We’ll teach you the secret handshake

- Scott “Roseanne”

(right around 2.40)


1.  We’re gonna need a mop.

Harold Flaherty “American Wedding”

(start of the scene but not the punchline. Hey if you find any of the missing clips let me know and I’ll edit!)

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