Aspen Comics is releasing two great graphic novels this week.  The first is volume 2 of the hit comic book, Executive Assistant: Iris.  If you’ve never bought an Aspen Comic before then waste no more time!  Pick up this great collection today.  Check out some art and read what the fine folks at Aspen have to say about Executive Assistant: Iris.


David Wohl – Story / Ryan Odagawa; Eduardo Francisco – Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors


Iris is back!


The thrilling second volume to the critically acclaimed series EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS is available now in one action-packed collection! Following the death of her master Mr. Ching, Iris is nowhere to be found. Yet, the industry of EA’s presses on without her under the corporate domination of a new threat to world security—the billionaire entrepreneur Duncan Villone. His strategy for control of not only the Executive Assistant’s bodies, but also their minds sends ripples across multiple continents in this unrelenting tale of espionage and global conspiracy! Featuring appearances by popular EA’s Rose, Lily, Lotus, Orchid and Violet, this is one trade paperback fans of EA, and new readers looking to join the fold, will not want to miss!




EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS vol 2 TPB is in stores October 10th, 2012!

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