“The Introduction”

Hello internet land,

Mr. Hellions has given me the opportunity to cover UFC action for the website. Little does he know is that I will be drunk while doing it. Since I turned 21 my longest and most meaningful relationship has been with my hometown sports bar “Kickers”. For years I would go on dates nightly with the bar. Kickers saw me at my most proudest moments and at my worst. It was my fortress of solitude, I felt invincible while I was there. But then again it would have been the shots I was taking. But like many relationships life got in the way. I ended up moving away and the distance killed us. As we grew apart and I became more successful, Kickers couldn’t keep up. Last time I was home I walked up to her doors and they were locked, closed for good. Guys everywhere went for younger models. Flashy places with televisions everywhere, newer paint, but no real substance. So now I’m on a mission, to find my true love. A place with not just the looks, but with character. The math is simple: Sports + Alcohol = Happy Me. Starting with UFC 145, I will be scouring where I live looking for the perfect place to watch the game or fight. I will be taking you on the journey with me. So sit back, relax, and grab a drink and welcome to “Another Round”.

Your truly,