Today I yelled at a barista….

…but I swear he deserved it.

So what had happen was –

It was 7:30am this morning when I enter the Startbucks near my work. There was no line so I walked right up to the corner. Where two workers were standing, talking quite passionately about something.One of them greeted me, asked me how I was and took my order. When I asked how he was, he gave a big sigh and confessed, ” To be completely honest,  I’m pretty pissed.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is everything ok?” I asked genuinely concerned.

“No. It’s not. Fucking police are actually enforcing the new no-smoking restriction on our patio.”, He said, slamming his fist on the counter to empathize his anger. ( he really did. I almost laughed in his face.)

“Well, no offense, but as a non-smoking that makes me happy.” I say.

“Well, I’m not gonna fucking put up with it. I’ll just leave my wallet at home and refuse to give my name. Fuck ‘em.  If I want to smoke outside well that’s my fucking right as an American citizen.” He responses getting loud.

“Sure, I can see how you might think that, ” I begin, keeping my calm…surprisingly, “But you know what’s my fucking American right?”

“What?” he said with an air of I-don’t-fucking-care.

“It’s my fucking right to not be directly effected by your poor life choices. Which, argue all you want, smoking is a poor life choice. It’s scientifically proven. And when I have to walk through a patio shared by several stores like the one outside your establishment, inhaling second hand smoke that causes me to cough, get watery eyes and a scratchy throat, not to mention damaging my lungs,it’s directly effecting me.I’m not gonna tell you not to smoke, it’s your life, but don’t you dare insist you have the right to force me to inhale your toxic waste. And by staying in this country you agree to follow all laws and restrictions set by state and federal government. That’s your American right.Yow don’t like it, plenty of other fucking countries. Hang a map, throw a dart. You also, have the American right to fight against anything you don’t like, in a civil manner that is. I doubt you’d get a many people on board, but by all means, protest the no smoking thing. But don’t think it’s an actually American right to smoke in a public area. And don’t say it out loud, you sound stupid.”

And with that I walked to the other end of the counter and waited for my latte.

And I’m not even all that “GO USA!”.

It’s just…

People like that infuriate me.

 So, I gave it to him.

Happy 2012 guys.

XOXO – Crys

Attention: “Justified” fans…


I’ve just finished season one and there’s one thing that bothers me ….alot. And i was wondering if it bothered any other fan as much as it bothers me.

Now first let me say, I loved the first season. It’s fun TV  and well done all around, for the most part. If we over look the green screen in the car scenes, which I’m told they address in the second season. I love Tim Olyphant. The man is drool worthy. There wasn’t a character I identified with, but i rooted hardcore for Raylan, and that’s why I kept going and why I’ll continue to keep going back. I wish they’d show more of the other rangers but perhaps they do in the second season.

Anyway, on to the thing that really bothered me…

When Raylan sleeps with Winona, his married ex-wife.

For one, it kinda came out of no where just after she begged Raylan to help her husband, who she loves. I got the feeling she still cared for him, but that she’d moved on.

For two, I just felt it was out of character for Raylan. I felt that even if he wanted too, and even though we know he still loves her he’d never do that with her being married.

At least that’s what I think.

Maybe it’s just me.

Is it just me?



– I hate Ava, I hope she either leaves Kentucky or dies.

– I have a major crush on Marshall Gutterson

-Natalie Zes looks really good, though she could stand to eat more.

-I want Chief Deputy Art Mullen to be my uncle so I can hug him like the teddy bear he is.

– EP 4 “Long in The Tooth” is the most forgetable ep in the season

– W. Earl Brown was my favorite guest star on one of my favorite eps in the season.

– Walton Goggins is fucking fantastic.


OXOX – Crys

I want my hangout

Let’s stop a minute and talk about something important. Yes, smart ass more important than our nation’s financial crisis.

I’m talking hangouts. And the dire fact that I don’t and never have had one. But if I look at television for a guideline to my life, which you’re totally suppose too, it tells me two important things – 1) I should have a circle of friends consisting of no more than six, including myself. 2) We should have a hangout joint we meet up at on an almost daily basis. Where we update each about our lives( because their so exciting daily updates with close friends is a must and is never boring or have lulls in conversation), drink cheap beer and eat bar food all the while looking model like.

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My Best Friend You Never Met.

Some of you may find it interesting to learn I am, for the most part, a fairly logical thinking person. And that trait causes me much anguish as an artist and a lover of storytelling. Because in most forms of storytelling/art one must suspend disbelif to become a part of the tellers world. Over the course of my on going love affair with stories I’ve learned, I think, to do this quite well. BUT, there are still things that annoy me greatly. Mostly about television shows.

The biggest one: Story arced guest stars.

You’re puzzled, I know. The line above is confusing because, I’m not entirely sure how to say it in one sentence.

Let me explain.

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Captain America Operation Review.

[Editor’s note:  CrysLewis is, for lack of a better term, my longest internet friend.  She discovered Elise and I on Twitter two years ago and we’ve been BFFS ever since!  But seriously, Crys is a hardcore geek.  She slept on the streets of San Diego to guarantee herself a seat at a Comic Con panel.  I’ve asked numerous times and she promises me she didn’t threaten people with a mechanical pencil.  Its a pleasure to have her here at Team Hellions.]

Hello readers,
I’m new to the Team Hellions ….um… team…. So I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Crystal, but I prefer to be called Crys. Mostly because four letters is easier to type out than seven and I’m lazy.
I’m in my mid-twenties and I live in Los Angeles, CA where I’m attempting to make my dreams of being a successful writer/actress/ RULER OF THE WORLD come true. But so far, no luck. Might have to do with that lazy personality trait I can’t kick.  The one thing that has been a consent in my life is my massive consumption of stories. Stories of any kind. They have taught me more about life than I could ever have imagined. Stories are my happy place. I devour all- T.V., movies, books, music, photos…all.  Now Kevin has asked me to review whatever I want  on here and as I am an extremely optioned woman I naturally jumped at the chance. The first thing you will learn about me is, I expect a lot out of my entertainment and I am more times than not disappointed and disappointment makes me angry. And between my brain and mouth there is a great big gaping hole where a filter should be, so expect honesty and expect cussing, because I am a sailor. I welcome feed back even if your outlook doesn’t agree with mine, all I ask is you are respectful.
And now for my first review:
So I saw Captain America today….

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