Trish Out of Water #5 Preview.



Coming out tomorrow from Aspen Comics.  The fifth and so far best issue of Trish Out of Water will be on the stands this Wednesday.  Check out some preview words and images below then head over to your favorite place to buy comics and get your read on!


Vince Hernandez ­ Story / Giuseppe Cafaro ­ Art / Ruben Curto, Studio
Parlapa – Colors / Josh Reed – Lettering

The end is here!

Under the surface, Trish discovers the true cost of learning about who – or
what – she truly is may be the sacrifice of everything she holds dear – as well
as her life! Caught in the middle of an age-old war and a lineage of power
she might not escape, Trish must rely on what she’s learned about what she
can do with her abilities in order to survive!

Aspen’s own Vince Hernandez is joined by the artistic talents of Giuseppe
Cafaro and Ruben Curto to bring to you Aspen’s newest hit series, TRISH OUT

TRISH OUT OF WATER #5 is in stores March 12th, 2014!


02_TRSH-05-CMYKcrop 03_TRSH-05-CMYKcrop 04_TRSH-05-CMYKcrop 05_TRSH-05-CMYKcrop

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Fathom: Kiani #1 Preview.



Coming out tomorrow from Aspen Comics!  Check out the official preview words and images below.  Then head over to your favorite place to buy comic books tomorrow and get in on all the fun from issue one!

FathomKiani-v3-01b-Nome FathomKiani-v3-01c-Turner


FATHOM: KIANI vol 3 #1
Vince Hernandez ­ Story / Giuseppe Cafaro – Art / Wes Hartman – Colors /
Josh Reed – Lettering

Kiani has risen!

One of the most powerful figures in the Fathom universe returns for this
epic third chapter! Following the tragic events of The Elite Saga and the
shattering of her family ties, Kiani has risen above the surface and
seemingly disappeared amongst the large expanse of the human population.
However, with a power inside her that is capable of changing‹or
destroying–the world’s landscape, her presence can only remain hidden for
so long!

Returning writer Vince Hernandez joins forces with Trish Out of Water artist
Giuseppe Cafaro to bring you the latest adventures of Fathom’s most fierce
and beloved characters. Kiani is back and the world of the Blue will never
be the same again!

FATHOM: KIANI vol 3 #1 is in stores March 12th, 2014!

01_FAK3-01-CMYKcrop 02_FAK3-01-CMYKcrop 03_FAK3-01-CMYKcrop 04_FAK3-01-CMYKcrop

Interview with Johnny Ringo of the Female Wrestling Channel.


How long have you been a fan of all wrestling and when did you become a fan of female wrestling? 
I’m not sure when I first became a fan of wrestling, but I remember I was a massive fan by the time Wrestlemania 6 took place between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.  It was the first time I think they (the WWF at the time) had ever offered a PPV (period) if memory serves me correctly.
Even at the young age I was then, while understanding that wrestling was staged and predetermined, and I just remember being happy and overjoyed that they let the Ultimate Warrior win both titles.   As for female wrestling, that’s a fantastic question Kevin and it’s really forcing me to sit here and think hard.
I believe my interest stemmed from seeing ladies like Missy Hyatt, Miss Elizabeth, and so many of the (very few) ladies at the time who were valets instead of performers.  We would, of course, get treated to the occasional hair pulling catfight, but that was about it.
I think my interest really started to gain steam around the time that Beulah and Francine did their famous ECW catfight, Sable was tearing up the women’s division in the WWF, while David McLaine’s WOWE made it’s hasty debut and seemingly quicker flop. I think this was the primary time period that my interest in the ladies started outweighing my interest in the males and their storylines.
Those ladies are just too darn irresistible, who can blame me?  :)
What was your motivation for starting the Female Wrestling Channel? 
To begin, what’s the number #1 complaint about the wrestling on TV?   It’s that it is fake.   That is where we differ.
As I got older, I gained more and more of a passion for female mat wrestling.  It is a very niche industry, not too many people are aware of it, and most of the ladies that do it come from the porn and adult industries.
We wanted to start something that took care of a lot of wants at the same time.  First and primarily, real female wrestling.  No predetermined outcomes.  (Some of our matches are scripted w/ predetermined outcomes, but they are marked as such, or normally labeled FWC Extras)The story literally depends on who wins and loses. No writers in the back deciding everyone’s fates.  The girls decide it on their own. Much of what happens are things that are taken from real life experiences making it a reality show of sorts.   I document much of what happens as I go along.  The idea is that with mats and a camera, we can go anywhere.  No big rings or the need for a bunch of hands.  We can pick up and go.

And, ladies from anywhere in the world can challenge our ladies.  We hope to get female celebrities and former female pro wrestling personalities involved and trying it out as we go along for profit or charity.   We also want ladies next door trying it out too.
We are based in Indiana, so going the nude route was not a good idea for us, plus I think there is plenty of that out there already.  We want something that is absolutely sexy, but has a chance to actually go mainstream at the same time, while also bringing more recognition to our style of wrestling.
You’re doing some great original things with the Female Wrestling Channel.  Can you tell our readers how FWC differs from other women’s wrestling groups? 
Anyone that follows us closely knows we are different in just about every way possible.From our rules, to the moves we use, to the way we monetize our girls, to the way we monetize our matches, to the way the story goes, to the way our girls actually video chat with fans face to face, to the way we are about to add mobile PPV, to the way we have the first ever competitive female wrestling belt in storyline fashion in history, I could go on Kevin.

I strongly encourage your viewership to give us a strong look if they are interested in this type of thing or want to learn more about becoming a fan of what we do.
The goal is to never get stale and to continue learning and innovating.   We are truly a fan’s company.  Fans like you can influence our storyline, unlike TV, and you can interact with the girls and even talk to them face to face.  What show on TV or the internet provides that wrestling or otherwise?
The women on the Female Wrestling Channel are incredible.  Anyone going to your site is bound to have a favorite. Not to pick favorites yourself, but who do you think is the biggest success story of FWC?
No question, my real life (and very beautiful) girlfriend Monroe Jamison.  And, I don’t say that because she is going to read this.  I’ve been very tough on her and watched her grow as a person these last few years.
When I started the FWC, there is a lot off the record stuff fans will never know, but Monroe Jamison and Savannah Scissors answered the call for me.  Monroe wasn’t going to do it, but when Savannah said yes, I think the competitor inside her (and the fact that we just started dating) compelled her to say “yes” and give this wrestling thing a go.
Monroe lost her first two matches on Episode 1 and 2 to the smaller Savannah.  In real life, Monroe was a mess over it, and was about to give it up already.  But, I convinced her to do another match, and she ended up defeating Savannah in the 1 fall competitive bout on Episode 3.   It really boosted her confidence and the rest is history as they say.
Many ladies have come and gone, but anytime I have been in a jam, she has been the main one there to rescue me and without her this promotion would not be anywhere close to where it is today.  All current and future girls truly owe her a debt of gratitude in ways they may never understand.
Fans won’t know of all the bumps she has encountered along the road, as I haven’t made it easy on her, nor has certain other people, but she has came through with flying colors. I would have laughed at anyone 3 years ago who would have told me that Monroe would be wrestling for me AND be my top girl on the roster.  Just incredible looking back on it all.
If not Monroe, my consolation prize would have to go to Foxy Rain.  She is a real gamer, brings a lot of energy and personality, has a winning record, and she beat Monroe when it counted in Episode 36 which was Foxy’s final match.  Foxy is on pregnancy leave at the moment, however, we do expect Foxy to return this year, so that’s going to be a battle to watch.  (Monroe vs Foxy)
As for the current crop, I think Ashley Wildcat and Scarlett Squeeze are about two of the most beautiful girls in the business if not the planet.  They both have the grit, and determination, but the big thing is I want to see them get into that top level with Monroe and both of them have a lot of work to do.   I think if they can find their groove out there, and find out what their signature moves are, they might move up the ladder fast.
Scarlett on Facebook - Boss is our newest girl on the roster at the time of this writing, and the youngest, and with her high school wrestling experience, and body type, I really think she might be the big dark horse on this roster when she gets the moves down.  You read it here first.

Wrestling is never controversy free.  Part of the appeal for FWC is the unscripted nature.  What has been the biggest curve ball thrown at the FWC and how did you and/or the women continue on? 
I might as well travel down to Mesa for Spring Training and get in the cage with the guys.  We don’t see a lot of straight fastballs here at the FWC.
Kevin, my mind spins because there has been so many in a short time.   I will give you a small example of many.
Episode 4 – 2 hours after we shot, Savannah moved to Colorado for good.  We learned 3 days before that she was moving.
Episode 7 – Was supposed to be Bella Mamacita vs new girl London Rain, but Bella told us she was pregnant weeks after her first match on Episode 6.
Episode 8 – 10 – Had 5 new girls who were supposed to debut, none came through when the matches were scheduled.
Those were the first 10 episodes. We had one episode where a girl was drunk the whole time, we had many episodes where new girls were supposed to debut, but did not show up, and we have had to do a whole lot of juggling and that’s part of what makes it interesting for fans is I lay the real life challenges out there.  For ladies our fans do know, here are some interesting matches that were slated (paid for) to happen that never happened.
Haley Davidson vs London Rain
Charlee Angel vs Electra Jamison (original Episode 24)
Kalista Daring vs Foxy Rain (Kalista quit 2 hours before)
Electra Jamison vs Foxy Rain (twice)
Ashley Wildcat vs Buffy Ellington
Monroe Jamison vs Carmella Ringo
Ivy Hiss vs Scarlett Squeeze
Wrestling fans around the world are now subscribing to another wrestling program, and getting used to the idea. Why do you think FWC provides a better entertainment for the wrestling fans’ dollar? 
It’s easy.  Because I’m an actual fan and my customer service is unmatched.  As we grow, I have to outsource some things, but I don’t want to outsource me.  I get things done, I know I get things done, and my fans know I get things done.   People can say I’m mean, or too wordy, or that I think my crap doesn’t stink, or whatever, but the people who deal with me on a semi annual basis know what they are getting and if I ask them to come to the table for me they will.
Aside from the customer service, I realize people obviously come for the steak.   We have sizzle and steak.  Our ladies our not only beautiful and talented, but they do their best to communicate with fans as well.
As for our competitors I encourage fans to support them if they can.  If you want to compare us, please do.  I think you will find that we are serious, keep innovating constantly, and we are always moving the needle.  The faster fans get involved and pump more money in the project, the faster we move.
Can you explain the sponsorship program for the women and how our readers can support their favorite woman? 
We are one, if not the only, female wrestling company currently out there that gives (and encourages) our ladies to get out there and build a long term following for themselves that we indirectly try to help them with.
Ladies always like to think they are worth “this or that”, but we figure that we can find out who is the most popular, and who fans really support, by having a sponsor point system.  It rewards our ladies financially for getting out there and promoting what they do and also gives them short and long term revenue in the form of a percentage they make from every single purchase someone makes through their sponsor links.
Johnny, what’s next for FWC and how can our readers be a part of it? 
That’s just it Kevin.  We have no idea what’s next.  For Episode 40 for example, we found out that Cheyenne Jewel was in Indiana on aTuesday, and then next thing we know Monroe and I are driving down to Indianapolis extremely early on a Thursday morning.
Every single time I try to plan ahead, things change quickly, so I just kind take things in as they come.  The next biggest thing for me is getting our 8 woman roster filled and complete.  When that happens, we begin our tournament to crown the first ever “competitive” female wrestling champion in storyline history.
Essentially, all we are at the FWC is a great big bunch of nerds who very much love our craft.  So, if you are nerdy, love this stuff, and love supporting people like us who are actually trying to get something done in the female wrestling world, we want your support, and you will be happy you did so.
Check us out here:

Charismagic #5-6 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan, Emilio Lopez, Erick Arciniega, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.

Charismagic-05a-Cucca Charismagic-05b-MirkaAndolfo

(A review copy was provided by Aspen Comics.  This post comes as part of the “getting caught up on things post baby” series.)

Fans and friends, we all know I love Charismagic.  I freaked out over the first series, I loved the Death Princess, and Sparkles has become my favorite comic book animal.  There are some things that continue to be amazing in this series and yet… something else.

First the good stuff.  For as long as I read comics I will continue to enjoy everything that Vince Hernandez writes.  He creates these entire worlds in every series.  All are different from each other which must make it nigh impossible to keep things straight.  Nigh, but not completely, because he does pull it off each and every time.  The world of Charismagic expands with each issue and if I were to go back to the first one I would be shocked at how far every character has come. It builds so naturally and seamlessly its, well its magic.

Charismagic-06a-Cucca Charismagic-06b-Oum

The art has popped like only Aspen Comics can.  Magical energies that look so perfect there is no room to question if this is what magic would look like in the real world.  Its without debate.  Then there are all the things I’ve loved before, still guaranteed on every page.  The fights, the drama, the beautiful women.  Its all there, not that I ever had any doubt.

If there is anything I could complain about its my own timing.  I read these comics after I watched the Hunger Games: Chasing Fire.  Let me explain:

The end of the second Hunger Games movie is very much the second part of a trilogy.  (Well, four movies but three books so take your pick of words.)  It is Empire Strikes Back.  The movie ends but it ends on a cliffhanger.  No resolutions, only questions.  That is how I felt when Charismagic ended.  I liked the story, but its so obvious I’m only seeing part of a story.  Maybe its my own fault for not realizing there is going to be another volume, but I was upset when the ending wasn’t an ending.

Really if the worst thing I can say about this book is that I wanted a satisfying ending but 0h-no there’s more, well, that must mean the book is pretty great.  I was involved with the characters, and deep into the story.  Head to your local comic book shop and grab not only this series but the previous Charismagic books as well.  Be sure your comic shop owner keeps a long pull list, and sign up for a subscription account, because by the end you wont want to miss the inevitable next volume.




Reunions We’d Love to See on @midnight.


If you enjoy rapid fire comedy then chances are you’re already familiar with a glorious television crossover that took place earlier this year.  Three members of cult sketch comedy show The State appeared as contestants on Comedy Central’s new stand up game show @midnight.  Michael Showalter, Kerri Kenney-Silver and Michael Ian Black played the social media inspired games with appearances from the rest of The State crew throughout the episode.  It was an exciting half hour for fans of the (this cant be right) twenty year old show.

Lets take a look at some other much loved casts who could reunite for the fun of it, should reunite for the fans but above all would reunite for the money that is guaranteed to come in from @midnight’s ratings spike.

To help the producers of @midnight I’ve picked the three best people from each cast to play the game.  Three best or the three most likely to say yes.


Attack of the Show.

This is a no brainer for any show hosted by Chris Hardwick.  Chris was an integral part of Attack of the Show during its glory days.  Arguably the third star of the show and that was just doing Gadget Pron.  As the two hosts needed time off to record out of the studio, or be sick, or disappear from the channel the @Nerdist himself stepped up and showed that he could fullfil any and all hosting duties.  Without Chris on AOTS we don’t get Talking Dead or @midnight.  Why not stage a reunion of his former co workers who joined him on this journey.

Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn are a must.  Their banter thrust AOTS from something that should have been an afterthought on a cable channel no one knows about and into must see TV.  But who to cast as a third?  While Chris Gore should absolutely be in the audience to say something inappropriate, Alison Haislip must be in that last spot.  Her chemistry with Chris Hardwick made the “Team H” episodes instant classics.



Make this happen now!  Before Paul Rudd becomes an even bigger star upon Ant-Man’s theatrical release.  There are very few universally loved everymans left.  He’s the guy that is never picked first.  But he is the even better second choice.  The perfect second husband.  The perfect guy that didn’t get the job at first but after the top choice flaked out he came in and thrived.  He’s about to star in a movie that will make multiple hundreds of millions at the box office.  Nothing against Comedy Central, but its rather tough to get someone of that stature for a goofy cable show on in the middle of the night.  The time to strike is now.

Now… or whenever The Exes has a break in their filming schedule.  Nothing against the TV Land original, but its no Scrubs.  Donald Faison has a very fast mind and fantastic facials to go along with it.  Not only are there many episodes of Scrubs to back this up, but Donald has also been one of the best voice actors of the last decade.  He brings the acting part to the forefront and makes it a true performance.

Alicia Silverstone is one of those actresses that gets a hard time from the public because she has not done anything as visible as Clueless in years.  That’s the public’s fault for not paying attention.  She has never stopped working.  Film, television, Broadway and a successful author.  Alicia has never stopped working and recently has appeared on  Suburgatory with another former Clueless star Jeremy Sisto.  Then she was in Vamps which happened to be directed by  Amy Heckerling, who also directed Clueless.  Sounds like Ms Silverstone is proud of this movie and would most likely be all for seeing some familiar faces.


Freaks and Geeks.

Try picking only three.  Seriously, this cast is insane.  Freaks and Geeks never caught on and thus only aired for one season but it is one of the best television series of all time and continuously named as the best example of high school life ever filmed.  Half the cast are now huge stars in movies and/or TV yet they’re also so humble it is entirely possible for them to appear on anything.  These are the type of guys that would show up at a fan’s high school play just because he asked.  Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, James Franco and a big bag of weed at 11PM would create the funniest pot influenced half hour of television since the best of Doug Benson.

One of these fine actors says no?  There is another great Freaks and Geeks alum waiting in the wings to take their spot.  Samm Levine, John Francis Daley or the in no way least Linda Cardellini.  In fact, spoiler alert for those of you not caught up, Linda is now on Mad Men.  Which is on AMC.  Talking Dead is also on AMC.  Chris Hardwick hosts that show.  He also hosts @midnight.  This casting is just too easy!  Everyone is connected.


Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Out of every suggestion I honestly find this to be the most possible.   Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett would be the best MST3K veterans and one needs to go no further than their Rifftrax work for evidence.  This episode can be filmed with robot silhouettes.  It can be a downloadable MP3 to be synced up with other @midnight episodes.  Hell, halfway through Mike can leave and Joel can be on the rest of the show.  The attacks against Comedy Central alone for cancelling MST3K would be worth any amount of money it takes to make this episode happen.


Sports Night.

Dan and Casey together again.  One of the hallmarks of Sports Night was the incredible dialogue.  The back and forth between characters, the rapid fire game of one ups and some of the best monologues ever written.  Sure a lot of this is because of the great team of writers that helped Sports Night become a timeless show.  It is also thanks to the amazing chemistry of the cast.  Josh Charles as Dan and Peter Krause as Casey are more beloved than 99% of actual sports anchor teams over the last sixteen years.

While Sports Night has many great cast members only Joshua Malina showed he could hang with the big two.  Joshua went on to the West Wing and Scandal and many other stops in between.  All the while flexing his acting chops in ways that can only be summed up in an extensive highlight video that cant be cut even though the storm clouds are gathering.

Bonus points to @midnight if they cut to the producer and instead of Thomas Lennon, Felicity Huffman (as Dana) is running the show.


The Kids in the Hall.

We’ll put the Kids here at the bottom for two reasons.  One, if I didn’t suggest them someone would think I forgot them.  Two, they’ve done reunions already.  Many of them.  Some also on basic cable shows.

Knuckleheads #4-5 Review.

From Brian Winkeler, Robert Wilson IV, Jordan Boyd, Thomas Mauer, Monkeybrain Comics.


(Digital copies of these issues were provided for review.   All of these issues are available to buy on )

Its been awhile since we saw the Crystal Fist.  He’s been busy.  Eating food, not caring what he looks like, trying to be a super hero.  Still more than most of us have done.  He’s still hanging out with his friends too.  Hot Drunk English Chick.  Pizza Guy.  Yet like the first three issues of this comic taught us, so much more.

Knuckleheads is just an absolute delight of balls out silly pseudo real world super heroic tale.   Everyone jokes about what they would do if they had super powers.  Get money and spy on girls mostly.  But really its no different than what Trevor does here.  The powers would be like so much good stuff in the garage.  Yeah I have this thing over here, and its powerful, but I don’t feel like taking it out, lets go get some pizza.  All the potential in the world, just in need of an effort engine to run it.


As with so many smart comics (well, all of them, that’s what makes them so smart) there is so much more going on than we readers initially thought.  Issue 5 really makes strides in opening up the world of Knuckleheads.  The “what you thought you knew is wrong” issue.  But damn is it well done.  I had no idea what was happening, but the feeling that something just isn’t right permeates through every panel.  Once the truth is revealed it throws the whole series for a loop and I’m hooked for 100 issues.  I need to see where this story is going.

Even with all the twists and turns, the super heroics, the humor (oh man the humor, this is one of the funniest comics out there), there is also something else just underneath.  The importance of names.  There are two big reveals with Hot Drunk English Chick and Pizza Guy that I really feel is going to have more and more resonance as the series moves on.  Its not just about introductions, its a statement.  And Knuckleheads is a perfect statement for how much fun comics can be.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #18 Preview.

The Assassins are back and continue to kick ass … or do they?  The story ends here and it ends in the only way it knows how. In dramatic fashion!  Read on to see some preview art, hear from Aspen Comics themselves, and then pick up this issue to see all the drama.

EA_ASSASSINS-18a-Gunderson EA_ASSASSINS-18b-Andolfo EA_ASSASSINS-18c-Torque-RET

Vince Hernandez ­ Writer / Jordan Gunderson ­ Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors

Assassins reaches the end!

The epic finale to “Blood Origin” reveals the true sacrifice required by
Daffodil to forge the first Executive Assistant Academy! When the odds of
success turn bleak‹and deadly–she must decide whether her choice to
painstakingly continue on with her enterprise, or risk losing
everything‹including her life! Don¹t miss this pulse-pounding conclusion
that is essential canon in the Executive Assistant Universe!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #18 is in stores February 12th, 2014!

01_EAAS-18-CMYKcrop 02_EAAS-18-CMYKcrop 03_EAAS-18-CMYKcrop 04_EAAS-18-CMYKcrop

All New Soulfire #3 Preview.

Check out this great preview of another hit comic book from Aspen Comics. Read on for the official solicitation and some beautiful preview art.

AllNew_SOULFIRE-03a-Marion AllNew_SOULFIRE-03b-Basaldua-RES AllNew_SOULFIRE-03c-RET-eBas AllNew_SOULFIRE-03d-Turner-Valentines


JT Krul ­ Story / V. Ken Marion ­ Art / Erick Arciniega- Colors

As Grace continues to experience magic anew in Paris thanks to Vanyss,
things between PJ and Alori heat up–this time outside of the arena‹and the
results could be just as dangerous for both of them. Meanwhile, Malikai
drags a reluctant Sonia back to the people of Gabriel’s Voice, but she might
not have to worry about them treating Malikai like a messiah, because they
seem to have found someone else to worship instead!

Join veteran Soulfire scribe JT Krul, along with the amazing artistic
talents of V. Ken Marion and Kyle Ritter, as an all-new direction for
Michael Turner’s fantasy epic Soulfire continues!

ALL NEW SOULFIRE #3 is in stores February 12th, 2014!

01_SFV5-03-prev 02_SFV5-03-prev 03_SFV5-03-prev

All New Fathom #5 Preview.

Lets get right to the previews this week so the reviews can come that much faster!  Another awesome new issue from Aspen Comics and I am happy to bring you this preview.

AllNew_FATHOM-05a-Konat AllNew_FATHOM-05b-Laiso AllNew_FATHOM-05c-DeBalfo-Xmas

David Wohl ­ Story / Alex Konat ­ Art / Peter Steigerwald ­ Colors

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe continues!

Believing the undersea threat from Vana to be over, Aspen Matthews returns
to the surface to try to resume a normal life and finds an old flame waiting
for her upon her arrival–Chance Calloway. Meanwhile, tensions rise beneath
the surface as the true extent of Vana’s scheme begins to manifest, and she
reveals her actual target–the Capital city of the Blue, Muria!

Writer David Wohl, artist Alex Konat and colorist Peter Steigerwald team up
once again to bring you the latest adventures of Michael Turner¹s most
beloved creation!

ALL NEW FATHOM #5 is in stores January 29th, 2013!


01_FAV5-05-prev 02_FAV5-05-prev 03_FAV5-05-prev 04_FAV5-05-prev