#SkillLevel Lady Gaga: Singer, Musician or Artist?

Hello and welcome to Skill Level!  Your new (hopefully) daily post in which one public figure (or group) will be chosen and readers like you will decide the skill level!

There will be three options.  An acceptance that this person does this thing for a living.  Singer, actor, etc.  Next level is that this person has some sort of talent.  The third and top tier is for those who surpass mere pop culture and reach the level of art.

First up will be….

Lady Gaga!


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So is Lady Gaga a:



or Artist?


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Single Review: “Crazy Crazy” by Guinevere

Every now and then my wife makes me listen to music that she enjoys (let’s just say we have the most diametrically opposed taste in music as a married couple could have), and seldom, I do find a song that I enjoy. Recently she played me this single from Guinevere, and while at first it did strike me, it took a bit to grow on me. And now that it has, this really is a good song.

The main appeal of Guinevere, for me at least, is that she is a geek! How can you not love geeky hot chicks who sing? But seriously, on her single “Crazy Crazy” the song does a better job at coming off more futuristic per-say than Kay Perry’s “E.T.” (Let’s be honest…it took Kanye West to pull that off). Most of all, the music is genuine.

The cover image of the single doesn’t do this song justice, mainly because Guinevere doesn’t come off as someone who is as concerned with image. Certainly nowhere near Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj. The music video especially for this track isn’t concerned with her image, striking visuals yes (and even the cover image is only a part of the video from just the very beginning), but image is cast aside for a really pleasing aesthetic. Even more stunning is that a lot of Guinevere’s influences lie in the past, more so than recent influences. If there is one gripe to be had with it, it’s more lyrical content than anything, but the fact that the song is written with such angst and power, gives it a leg up over most in the genre. With songs like this, the full length can only continue this brilliant line of songs.

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My 2012 Grammy Picks

With the Grammy’s coming up this Sunday, I figure it’s time I make my picks…so here it goes. (I’ll limit it to the major categories and winners will be in bold. Strikethrough will indicate an artist with a fighting choice.)

1. Record of the Year

  • “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele
  • “Holocene” by Bon Iver
  • “Grenade” by Bruno Mars
  • “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons
  • “Firework” by Katy Perry

Adele had a prodigious year, and in doing so, don’t be surprised if she dominates the Grammy’s. Bon Iver deserves it as much, and while only two albums into his career, it’s his best to date.

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