My Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs

Let’s face it, we all have them. Don’t lie, I know you do, I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU AND STOP JUDGING ME!!! Phew, okay, now that I have that out of my system, I present to you, my top 10 guilty pleasure songs.

10. Natasha Bedingfield – “Pocket Full of Sunshine”

I blame the film Easy A for liking this song, but it’s so incredibly catchy. The music video makes me laugh; parachutes, and a guy getting upset that he’s being arrested for spray painting a wall. Seriously dude? What is that like a small fine? I hope the video wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, or the song for that matter. And what the hell was going on with that kid approaching Natasha in the flower; if that didn’t have sexual undertones (I’m thinking Venus here), then I should be committed.

9. Men without Hats – “Safety Dance”

This should have been the theme to the remake of Footloose (why the hell did they remake that film again?), but sadly it’s just another one of those 80’s songs that everybody knows the lyrics to. It may have even lead to a bad karaoke moment, and while I have attended many-a-karaoke-night, this song has never crossed my mind. Regardless, when alone, who doesn’t sing this song if it comes on?

8. Boy George – “The Crying Game”

I don’t know what it is about this song, but I’m a sucker for it. Perhaps it’s the mood the song creates, but I love this song. Strangely enough, this has to be the most 80’s like song to come out of the 90’s. Admittedly, I’ve never seen the film The Crying Game, but this song does make me want to check it out, and I’ll be damned if I’m losing a man card over this!

7. Abba – “Dancing Queen”

I blame my mother for this one, and what the hell does it mean to “jive?” Did guys score with chicks out on the dance floor with this song? Judging by the look on the guitar players face in a couple shots of this video, apparently they did. And seriously, the chick in this song is 17, isn’t that like pedophilia? Because I’m sure her parents are cool with it. The 70’s were a strange time, and before writing this piece, I’ve never payed attention to the lyrics, and now that I have, I feel dirty.

6. Black Eyed Peas – “I’ve Got a Feeling”

Damnit, why couldn’t it have been the Beatles song of the same name. I have the feeling that if you started to sing this song before going  out, that something bad will happen to you, like a microwavable bowl of cereal (that’s man code, and let me tell you it’s not good.), or say you get your ass kicked. BEP set the bar too high with this song, mainly because, tonight really isn’t going to be a good night, don’t kid yourself.

5. Queen – “Princes of the Universe”

As much as you love Queen or Highlander, this is the worst song of their career, but they do it with such grandiose, how can you not love it! Plus, that’s an awfully bold claim to be making, because I don’t consider anybody in Highlander to be a prince of the universe. Strangely enough, this song contains within it, one of the best Brian May solos of all time, which is it’s only redemptive quality. I hate putting them in the category, but just listen to it, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

4. Europe – “The Final Countdown”

Armed with badly epic keyboard riffs and a passion for counting down, Europe picked a bad name for it’s band. Seriously, if you don’t have an affinity for numbers, It makes me hope that there are Europeans who take offense to this song and band. It’s so over the top, well maybe tripping over the top, but it’s there in all it’s lackluster brilliance. Who doesn’t stop when they hear this song, and embrace the epic-ness that is “The Final Countdown.”

3. LMFAO – “Sexy and I Know It”

My wife will love that I’m admitting to liking this song, but holy hell it’s as over the top as “The Final Countdown.” Some would say that  I lack the “passion in my pants” when it comes to this song, but I say, nay. I get that it’s not suppose to be serious music, and sometimes I let that seriousness get in the way, but holy hell you cannot help but let this song infuse your bod, sing, and dance to it. You have to give it up for a music video that has so many cameos and for one mans ability to rip off a speedo to reveal another speedo. Brilliant, just brilliant.

2. Bryan Adams – “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”

Perhaps I was just a sucker for the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves film, but I grew up with this song, and despite how bad this movie was (though Alan Rickman was fantastic in it), it song gets me every time. I apologize for the sad video, unfortunately, Brian Adams disables his embeds by request, but I’ll look past that this time. It might have been a better movie if they’d have gotten someone other than Kevin Costner to play the lead, but a bad performance deserves a sappy song I suppose.

1. Patrick Swayze – “She’s Like the Wind”

Swayze is like the ultimate promoting tool, he danced, acted, and sung for Dirty Dancing, and this resulting song, how can you not love it. Who thought the guy from Road House, could be this tender, I mean… dammit, stop it, I’m refusing to lose man cards on this post. Dammit, well it’s too late for that now I guess so I’ll just say it; Patrick Swayze, you were a sexy, sexy man, a guy I could go gay for, if I felt comfortable doing that. R.I.P. Patrick Swazye, you sexy beast.

If you’ve managed to make it through this post, please let us know what some of your guilty pleasures are…don’t worry, we don’t judge.

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