Top Ten “Unknown” YouTubers.

One of the problems of geek culture is surrounding yourself with like minded individuals.  Just because you and your friends love something doesn’t mean that anyone else is even aware of it (hello Patton).  This realization struck me when the Hellions were discussing some amazing and creative people and the ancillary characters had no idea who we were talking about.  Thus this list of amazing people on YouTube that you should subscribe to today.  Funny, geeky, sexy or violent.  Sometimes all in one.  These are people who deserve more credit and more notice.


10. lethalblonde0911

Stunt fighter, artist, and lately pole dancer.  Her Harry Potter pole dancing routine blew up the internets (and a couple wands) last week.  But that isn’t the whole story.  She also absolutely kicks ass.  Erika is lethal — as all strong smart and sexy women are.  Love and fear her from a safe distance.

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