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Nerd Nuptials is the home of original, one of a kind geeky art created by my wife.  There are many things here for any nerd, or those who love them.  Steampunk, the Walking Dead, Doctor Who and more.


All the money from these crafts go towards the baby fund.  You’re helping create the next generation of geeks.  Check out some of the items available:

(Remember all of these are one of a kind, so once they’re gone they’re gone.)

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Enter the coupon code TEAMHELLIONS and receive 15% off your order.  15%!  That’s pretty awesome.

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Advance Review of The Aylesford Skull by James P. Blaylock.

(Kevin Hellions here.  Titan Books was nice enough to send this title to Team Hellions HQ for review.  I never saw it.  That’s because my wonderful wife loves Steampunk and grabbed the book first.  Her review follows this article.  You can follow Mrs. Hellions on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eliseleusificus and now, Elise’s review.)

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The Aylesford Skull by James P. Blaylock is sure to be one of the most delightful works of fiction you read this year. The story follows protagonist Langdon St. Ives and his family and friends as they seek out his nemesis, the despicable Dr. Ignacio Narbondo, who has abducted Langdon’s son. Blaylock skillfully constructs a puzzle for his readers, the stakes getting higher as each piece comes together.

Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stand setting the book aside until you reach the conclusion. And then you’ll want more.
If you’re brand new to the Steampunk genre, don’t be intimidated. One can easily see why Blaylock’s work is sometimes called Magical Realism. Set in Victorian England, he first weaves in elements of fantasy and gradually adds Steampunk components. This work would be a perfect introduction to Steampunk for newcomers, giving the reader a chance to dip their toes in the idea of a world populated with clockwork and steam power that weren’t native to historical Victorian times.
Despite all the fantastic and Steampunk aspects, the story Blaylock tells is truly universal. The camaraderie of friendships and love of family seen in each character is both accessible and compelling, as are the characters themselves. From Hasbro to Mother Laswell, you will not find a stock character in this book. As the novel switches points of view from chapter to chapter (a device effectively used here, both to move the story along and create suspense) one comes to adore Blaylock’s entire cast.
This isn’t the author’s first time writing with either the protagonist or antagonist, but the reader never suffers due to this past relationship. There are no dull chapters of wading through backstory that would inevitably make prior works unreadable. Blaylock succinctly gives you the information you need and most importantly, shows you the relationship through the prose and plot of the current novel. Be warned, you are going to want to read the previous novels immediately. Best advice one can give for a reader of The Ayelsford Skull: Order the previous books before you even finish. You’ll always want more of this.

Christmas Geek Gift Ideas Day 14 – Nerd Nuptials.

Oh sure, I might be a bit biased here.  These are the coolest Etsy crafts you’ll ever see.  Comic book based like Sandman, Watchmen and more.  Literature based like Jane Austen.  And the biggest and coolest designs are in the Steampunk shop.  Let the creator of Nerd Nuptials, the beautiful Elise, tell you all about some of her creations.

Remember you can order all of these easily over at the Nerd Nuptials site on Etsy.com

Blue Steampunk Bouquet

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Etsy of the Day – Steampunk Bouquet.

Buy it HERE! 

Nerd Nuptials is delighted to bring you this stunning new Steampunk Bouquet! It is upcycled from a copy of Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. The flowers are made in a modular style origami, using thirty separate pieces, individually folded, then combined into six separate five petaled flowers.

The exterior of each flower is painted ice blue, sheer enough for the text on the page to be visible. The interior of each petal is painted metallic gold, with blue showing in the sections that radiate outward from the middle. At the center of each flower is a vintage gold colored button with a swirl design on it. The stems of each flower are bound into a sturdy and functional handle. It is painted metallic gold.

On the outermost petal of each flower is a genuine gold colored clock hand. They point outward, extending approximately a half an inch past the edge of the flower. At the circular base of each clock hands is a small copper colored link. Copper colored chains drape from the link on one flower to the next, giving this bouquet a simple elegance.

This bouquet is a steal for any steampunk bride, and an automatic permanent keepsake afterwards! Put it in a vase and it will be the best decor in any room!