How to Research Your Family Tree.

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Stop Him.

Let’s say your boss is being investigated. But he fires the person doing the investigation. Three times. Are those the actions of an innocent man?  No.  Impeach Trump. Save America.  Please. 

Wiggles Slingers.

Years ago there was a story in which Spider-Man had to give up the persona for a bit and created four alternate heroes so he could still go out there and do his thing.  Years later my son got a set of Wiggles figures he loves.  More recently he was given Spider-Man toothbrushes with caps. …

First Wrestling Snacks?

Ice cream bars don’t count as snacks. Or candy. Thus would these be the first wrestling based snacks?  Am I forgetting some Hulk Hogan cookies?  Also, let me know if these pop up where you live so I can find some.  Hey and follow that Instagram account too. Lots of cool stuff. 

Garage Sale Pre Adventures.

Tomorrow I’ll be up bright and early to hit up the first big garage sale of the year.  It bothers me that I didn’t know it was happening until late tonight. I could have gone this afternoon. The hours were free of plans! Next time. Or, tomorrow.  Also I have already found my first potential…

Zapp’s Experimentation Night.

Our local Big Lots just got in a plethora of new potato chip brands. The most interesting of them being Zapp’s. We decided to turn tonight into chip night and bought two of the options. If these are successful there will be more to come and Zapp’s will find a new fan club.