eBay Ban?

Has anyone ever had this happen? I received a message that one of my eBay posts had been pulled due to adult material.  Upon research I discover it is a VHS. Not porn. Not adult. Sexy sure. R rated sure. But not adult.  This was the video but not my picture.  How does this happen?…

Spider-Man’s Greatest Bible Stories.

Apparently I’ve had these saved since 2009.  Where on earth did these come from? How did I find them? Are there more?  I imagine many bloggers have this same problem. Saving pictures or ideas for later posts. Then finding them years later and having no recollection of what that original idea was. 

Fantasy vs Reality.

I was so excited to buy this new item. I love banana flavored things and this looked stupendous.  But then I opened it up and was disappointed by the sloppy period vagina cake inside. Vaginas are wonderful. But not a Twinkie flavor I desire. 

Canadian Gummies Invade the US.

These Allan gummies are delicious.  Bigfoot. Dragons. Gnomes. Bears. All sorts of amazing characters.  Allan was Canadian based but a short time ago Hershey’s bought them out and are finally crossing the border.  I know chewy corn syrup is chewy corn syrup but there is something just… better about these. Something distinctly pure and Camadian. …