The debut of Earthquake!  For those of you that don’t remember.  Dino Bravo was doing a world’s strongest man gimmick.  He had a strong man competition with the Ultimate Warrior.  Jimmy Hart, Bravo’s manager, grabbed a random fat man from the audience.  The fat man sat on Bravo’s back while Dino performed push ups.  Then it was Warrior’s turn.  And the fat man attacked!  The fat fan turned out to be John Tenta, the man who would become Earthquake.

Tenta became a huge part of Hulkamania, crushing Hogan’s ribs in a memorable angle.  Earthquake reached legendary status when he destroyed Jake the Snake Roberts snake Damian.

Earthquake was a WWE tag team champion with Typhoon (formerly Tugboat and the Shockmaster) in a team known as the Natural Disasters.  Quake had a short face run in WWE before he left.  Tenta resurfaced in WCW under a variety of monikers including Avalanche, Shark, and finally John Tenta.

Tenta was last seen in the national wrestling scene when he came back to WWE under a mask as Golga, one of the Oddities.

Tenta died in July 2006 of bladder cancer.