[Editor’s note:  CrysLewis is, for lack of a better term, my longest internet friend.  She discovered Elise and I on Twitter two years ago and we’ve been BFFS ever since!  But seriously, Crys is a hardcore geek.  She slept on the streets of San Diego to guarantee herself a seat at a Comic Con panel.  I’ve asked numerous times and she promises me she didn’t threaten people with a mechanical pencil.  Its a pleasure to have her here at Team Hellions.]

Hello readers,
I’m new to the Team Hellions ….um… team…. So I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Crystal, but I prefer to be called Crys. Mostly because four letters is easier to type out than seven and I’m lazy.
I’m in my mid-twenties and I live in Los Angeles, CA where I’m attempting to make my dreams of being a successful writer/actress/ RULER OF THE WORLD come true. But so far, no luck. Might have to do with that lazy personality trait I can’t kick.  The one thing that has been a consent in my life is my massive consumption of stories. Stories of any kind. They have taught me more about life than I could ever have imagined. Stories are my happy place. I devour all- T.V., movies, books, music, photos…all.  Now Kevin has asked me to review whatever I want  on here and as I am an extremely optioned woman I naturally jumped at the chance. The first thing you will learn about me is, I expect a lot out of my entertainment and I am more times than not disappointed and disappointment makes me angry. And between my brain and mouth there is a great big gaping hole where a filter should be, so expect honesty and expect cussing, because I am a sailor. I welcome feed back even if your outlook doesn’t agree with mine, all I ask is you are respectful.
And now for my first review:
So I saw Captain America today….

Let me start by saying from the day they announced Chris Evans as the casting choice for the Captain I prejudged him and was certain I’d hate him in the role. I thought Evans would make it too cheesy comical. Which he happens to be really good at and it’s enjoyable most of the time in the right roles in those shitty movies *Cough* Fantastic Four *Cough*. But just not right for the Captain.
Such was my worry with Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern and to everyone who argued against my initial response to that casting I’d just like to take a minute to say I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO. That movie was shit from beginning to end.
Anyway, I’m big enough to say I was wrong about Chris Evans. He was great. Better than great.
That isn’t to say I was wrong in saying they should’ve gone with an unknown.
But, with the help of the superb acting talents of Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones (though he basically played the same role he’s been playing since Men In Black, but anyways) Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell (who’s now on my girl crush list. Where the fuck did she come from?) and Sebastian Stan – he was a damn near perfect Captain.
The movie is incredibly well done all round. But my thoughts on a few things:
The acting- It’s rare to say that in a movie, especially with an ensemble cast, there wasn’t a single weak actor, but as far as CA is concerned that is true. Evan Richard Armitage – who was in a total of two scenes – came in, killed it, and exited flawlessly. The fact that his two scenes are in the beginning and I still remember him clearly says it all.
The costumes – I think the era was very well represented. The Captain’s cheesy custom while touring was comical in a good way. And his real Captain outfit was bad ass. Far better than the picture during filming made it look. I also enjoy how each member of The Captain’s team was allowed to keep their individuality with their clothing. Random to say, but I quite liked it.
The cinematography – It lended well to the light and dark of what the Government fed the American people about the war at that time and what it was really like as a solider in the mist of the war.
The fx – While the beginning bit with Evans face being CG-ed onto another actors face was a bit distracting, it was understandable. Though my friend did have a good thought that I agree with: Why not just have an actor that looked a lot like Evans but had the right body build for the role play it?  But it was excpected and therefore didn’t bother me as much. Even the blatantly obvious green screen action shots where bearable.
Story – Great pacing. Great story arc. Heart wrenching love lost ending that was spot on. The propaganda bit with the captain touring was a nice touch that I didn’t mind them putting in, even if it seemed pretty unnecessary to the story.  There were funny parts that where done in a way that I didn’t roll my eyes due to it being a cheap laugh. My favorite being the little kid’s response when he gets thrown in the water by the bad guy.  The Captain is about to jump in to save him, and the kid just says in an honest simple kid way, “Go get him, I can swim”. Haha. Great.
Stan Lee had a cameo and of course it was awesome because he’s Stan Fucking Lee.
The fact that it didn’t feel like a two hour movie and at the end I wanted it to keep going tells you basically everything you need to know.
So I say – Yes, I think you should go see it. It’s a good time. Well worth the money.