Most Fun Comics – Pariah #3 Review.

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In this issue we are introduced to Robert Maudsley.  Robert is a Vitro as well, but there’s no protagonist here.  The previous two issues introduced characters that were lost, confused, overwhelmed but still loveable.  This issue does not have that.

Spoilers ahead.  Ye been warned.

Maudsley is the world’s most brilliant teenage psychopath.  He wont work for things physically, and he wont earn anything.  He is genius level Id.  Robert can “read” people and the more he learns about a person, the easier it is to pull the strings and get that person to do whatever Maudsley’s current whim may be.  If I want a sub my thought process is to take my 5 dollars to the store and get a footlong.  However, if Robert wants one he’ll just find someone with a sub and mess with that person’s head until one way or another the food is his.

Of course this would happen in the world of Pariah!  Just because someone is smart does not for a moment mean they will use those powers for good.  Not every teenager gets an Uncle Ben.  Although the way Robert works he could probably talk Ben Parker into offing himself and save the burglar the trouble.

Everything hits the fan when Maudsley spins multiple plates only to have them all crash into the same location.  On purpose.  Robert has been manipulating multiple people who are all feeling crushed by life and want that thing to regain some power.  That power comes in the form of guns.  There’s a cross fire at the bank and Robert enjoys his work.  Well, while trying to not catch a stray bullet.  In all of the hours, days even, of manipulation Maudsley never thought of the very real fact that there will be BULLETS flying around!  The Vitros are smart, but not perfect.  However, Robert can take this and learn from it.  Its always great to be able to learn from an experience as long as you’re still cable of learning, i.e. not dead.

Then there is this mysterious other character.  Briefly seen in issue 2, a bigger part in this issue, and from the teaser the focus of issue 4.  We’ll wait until then to talk about him.

This book is what Heroes should have been.  Introduce one character per installment, with hints of a larger story.  Then when everything (eventually) comes together each character’s background, motivation and development is understood by the reader.  I could care less if they save the cheerleader, but I want to know every thought Robert Maudsley has.


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