Lets start this reboot review with remembering the Batman that existed before this issue.  An older Bruce Wayne, well established in Gotham City and with the super community.  A legend, both feared and respected.  Now to this issue.

We’re back to Year One.  Not that this is a bad thing, but the Bat is so well established that I feel its unnecessary to have the police on his ass.  The police love Batman!  That’s why they had the fancy red phone in the precinct so they could get hold of him at any moment.  No, I know its an all new era.

Batman is trying to stop the Joker, who he has already met and battled many times before.  Joker is being assisted by some strange man who is wearing the scalp of someone else.  We’re already getting a bit gross here.  Bats saves people, gets chased by cops, stabbed by the Joker, covertly meets with Jim Gordon.  Its a busy night in Gotham.  The Joker meets with an shadowy figure and…

Here comes the spoiler alert.


Like, now

The man carves the Joker’s face off!  Seriously!  Look at this fucking page!

The worst part is, that this is not the end of the Joker!  The man is still alive even with his face missing.  Who the hell is the Dollmaker?  Detective Comics is a must read title in the new 52.  Sure its a young Batman and a young Gordon, and we’ve been there before.  But you know where we’ve never been?  Faceless Joker-ville that’s where.