From DC comics, Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort.

Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow or whatever he’s to be called in this universe is in jail.  Red Hood disguises himself as a pastor and begins a rescue attempt.  Much blood is shed, and so far its not a far leap to think these two are more villains than heroes.  They might be in trouble, but thankfully they have 38 solutions and a bitch ain’t one.  Well, actually it is a bitch.  Starfire to the rescue.  And I know what you’re thinking, “Kevin you really shouldn’t be so sexist.”  And you’re right.  But then you haven’t read this issue.  Red Hood lets Roy Harper know that Starfire has been intimate with his, ahem, Red Hood.

Somehow it gets worse.  Starfire cant tell humans alike, in the most thinly veiled racist joke I’ve seen in a long time.  Some young island boy (oh look more stereotypes!) takes voyeur pictures of her.  This new version of Starfire only sees humans as things and not people, beings or souls.  We are all interchangeable.  Jason asks Roy to question Starfire on the Teen Titans days.  She doesn’t remember much of it.  Well that’s just a huge fuck you to legions of fans.  Hey, not only does the publisher not give a shit about history, one of your favorite characters doesn’t care either!

Some witch type character named Essence shows up.  She warns Jason about the Untitled.  I have no idea who this woman is, but its a woman in this comic who is fully clothed.  So, partial win.  Also what the hell are the Untitled?  Is there some rock group in DC with an album dropping a few months away who cant decide on a title?

Oh what in the hell?  Roy and Starfire are shown the next morning and the bed is literally scorched.  Nothing about this seems empowering for a moment.

Jason seems to take off on his own to some cult.  The All Caste?  I stopped caring about titles and names here.

Who is this comic for?  So far the most disappointing of all the DC titles.