My Top 50 Albums of the Decade!: Part 12 of 50

The Saga…is kicking my ass muahahahahhaa

39. Lifehouse – No Name Face (2000)

“Hanging by a Moment” aside, this is a spectacular debut. I say aside because, let’s face it; it was overplayed to death, though I’m not always turned off by that. Another phenomenon that helped push this album out was Smallville. When this show debuted, the song “Everything” was used at the end and I do believe it made subsequent other appearances that season. Regardless this is just a fantastic album and one that I don’t think they’ve lived up to yet.

Recommended Tracks: “Hanging By a Moment,” “Sick Cycle Carousel,” “Someone Else’s Song,” “Cling and Clatter,” “Breathing,” “Quasimodo,” “Everything”


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