Its another down time character building issue.  In any other book that might suck ass, but this… this is the mother fucking Walking Dead!

Carl wakes up from his bullet-through-the-brain-induced coma and its not good news.

Oh, by the way guys, plenty of spoilers here out.  You’ve been warned.  Don’t click for more if you don’t want the story ruined.


And wait.


OK, lets talk.  Carl wakes up from his coma and the bad news is, he’s forgotten a lot of things.  Tiny little details like the fact that his mother is dead and there was a sister, who is also dead.  He remembers things like Tyrese dying but there is definitely a date line which he cant remember past.  Its very possible that he doesn’t remember some (if not all) of the people he has had to kill along the way.  This could be a blessing or a curse.  If Carl is allowed to be a kid again, then good for him to find some sort of safety in this crazy zombie world.  However, this could at least weaken Carl and at most reset him.  If Carl forgets about some of the tragedies that he has been a part of since this story started, then he will have also lost all the strength that comes from experience.  Carl may be asked to fire a gun, or take a life, and because he believes it to be the first time he has done such a thing he’ll hesitate and that could have deadly results.  Worse still is the possibility that Carl will have to be taught everything all over again.  Rick will see this as a clean slate to fix anything he feels was a fuck up.  Its not fair to Carl and its not fair to Rick either.  Dead is (living) dead in this book and there is no room for do-overs.

In our other story arc Andrea deals with the ripples of her relationship with Spencer.  She comes home and there he is standing on her porch.  He’s hidden in shadow, has way too long of a monologue ready to go, and has been on the porch for hours in the freezing near winter weather!  He’s a creeper and that’s all there is to it.  Fast forward to the end of the book and we see Spencer joining a group that has its sights set on usurping Rick for leadership of the community.  Shit’s starting to build again and we’ll be there for every page.