My Top 50 Albums of the Decade!: Part 28 of 50

The Saga…is also known as Decadus Prime! That’s right…I said it

23. At the Drive-In – Relationship of Command (2000)

Before releasing this album, the band released an EP called Vaya and in doing so created something mind blowing. If you listen to their first two albums, you get a band who isn’t quite there yet musically, but with Vaya, you saw the progress reaching for brilliant. Then they released Relationship of Command and suddenly your mind was blown. The production value of this album compared to the others definitely helps aid this album, but the songs were mind blowing. The Vocals are beautiful, the instrumentation is just jaw dropping impressive. Sad to say this was the last album they put out before breaking up and forming two separate bands, mainly The Mars Volta and Sparta. Though sad,Relationship of Command still stands as an astounding achievement.

Recommended Tracks: “Arcarsenal,” “Pattern Against User,” “One Armed Scissor,” “Invalid Letter Dept.,” “Mannequin Republic,” “Cosmonaut,” “Extracurricular”


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