Its the first ever Team Hellions awards.  This week we’re going to look at the best in comics, music and wrestling.  Hopefully this is the first of many years that this takes place.  Maybe one day we’ll be big enough to rent out a place and have a nice black tie ceremony.  But for now lets take a look at the best in comic books in 2011.

What does it take to make this list?  Well, it takes impressing me.  I thought through everything I read this year and weighed what memories stayed with me throughout the year.

Read on to find out, but I’ll give you a hint at the first award and winner.

Best Writer: Christos Gage

Avengers Academy made me think, made me feel, and made me care about characters I shouldn’t.  There is no reason I should care about these new teen characters in Marvel.  Yet there I am every issue engrossed in these kids.  I cant wait to watch them grow up.

Best Artist:  JH Williams III

I really don’t want to pick him.  Everyone is picking him.  But have you seen Batwoman?  There is no better today.

Hero of the Year:  Spider-Man

Spidey was a man this year.  He led New York in Spider-Island.  He wore his emotions on his sleeve in Avengers.  He taught Red Hulk how to be a hero.  Spider-Man should be a leader and this year Peter finally got that message.

Villain of the Year: Red Skull

Thank you Greg Pak for the most engrossing character study of a bad guy in all of comics.  Hate the person behind the mask (yes I know its not a mask for this character but roll with me) and you hate the super villain even more.

Woman of the Year:  Power Girl/Batgirl (tie)

Two books taking characters that should have been jokes and instead made them into the most female friendly, respected and loved characters on the market.  Its a travesty that both characters are still MIA.

Supporting Character of the Year:  Valeria Richards

Mark my words.  The super genius child of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman will be on this list soon enough.  But will she make it as the world’s greatest comic hero…  or villain?  This is the toddler that could destroy the world.

OMG Moment of the Year:  Carl gets shot. (The Walking Dead)

I wrote so much about this, my letter even got printed in the Walking Dead.  I was told that I’m an intense guy.  No, this scene was intense.  So much so that months later it still haunts me.

Comic of the Year: Daredevil

This is the best super hero comic today.  Not worried about cross overs, not worried about going to unnatural places just to pretend to be “adult”.  Its good well written super heroes.  Ol’ Hornhead could beat you with his skill, or his mind.  Seeing a hero just out think the bad guys is fantastic.  Its unpredictable, in every good way.

Company of the Year:  DC

Everything DC did this year took balls of steel.  Luckily they have plenty of steel laying around there.

Comic Related TV of the Year:  The Walking Dead

When people who would never read comics go bananas for a comic book based property, then you know its the show of the year.  When long time fans think of some of the arcs that are coming up its mouth watering and palm sweating.

Comic Related Movie of the Year:  X-Men First Class

Ask me about this tomorrow and its possible I may change my mind to Captain America.  But for now the mutants in the 1960s was the most spectacular and best written super hero movie I saw all year.

Event of the Year:  DC New 52

The fact is it worked.  This gimmick got new fans in the door, got old fans to pick up the books, and made a lot of these characters cool again.  Aquaman and Hawkman have two of the best books on the stands today.  No one would have predicted that a year ago.