I’ve just finished season one and there’s one thing that bothers me ….alot. And i was wondering if it bothered any other fan as much as it bothers me.

Now first let me say, I loved the first season. It’s fun TV  and well done all around, for the most part. If we over look the green screen in the car scenes, which I’m told they address in the second season. I love Tim Olyphant. The man is drool worthy. There wasn’t a character I identified with, but i rooted hardcore for Raylan, and that’s why I kept going and why I’ll continue to keep going back. I wish they’d show more of the other rangers but perhaps they do in the second season.

Anyway, on to the thing that really bothered me…

When Raylan sleeps with Winona, his married ex-wife.

For one, it kinda came out of no where just after she begged Raylan to help her husband, who she loves. I got the feeling she still cared for him, but that she’d moved on.

For two, I just felt it was out of character for Raylan. I felt that even if he wanted too, and even though we know he still loves her he’d never do that with her being married.

At least that’s what I think.

Maybe it’s just me.

Is it just me?



– I hate Ava, I hope she either leaves Kentucky or dies.

– I have a major crush on Marshall Gutterson

-Natalie Zes looks really good, though she could stand to eat more.

-I want Chief Deputy Art Mullen to be my uncle so I can hug him like the teddy bear he is.

– EP 4 “Long in The Tooth” is the most forgetable ep in the season

– W. Earl Brown was my favorite guest star on one of my favorite eps in the season.

– Walton Goggins is fucking fantastic.


OXOX – Crys