As the end of the month approaches, so does the releases of Lana Del Rey’s first full length album Born to Die. In the mean time, as a teaser, she released an EP known simply as “The Lana Del Rey EP.”

The EP contains four songs, most of which will be familiar to you, such as “Video Games,” and “Blue Jeans,” released previously on the “Video Games EP.” But for the first time, the single “Born to Die” and a new track “Off to the Races” find themselves on this wonderful release.

Del Rey’s unique use of string arrangements, sampling, and vocal talent make this some of the most original music you will hear this year. I have been fortunate to know this talent since her May Jailer days and record (that’s right, I own an album from Ms. Grant that you will never hear!). But in all seriousness, this is an artist to watch in 2012, and May just be a Grammy contender in 2013.

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