On the first listen of Enter Shikari’s latest album A Flash Flood of Colour, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Never having listened to them before, I was privy to a unique musical experience, like none I’ve ever experienced before. In them, I heard a lot of bands that I’ve come to respect, including Project 86, The Mars Volta, and even a little Foster the People.

Enter Shakiri’s ability to shift genres and sounds make it intriguing, almost like you’ve purchased a short story anthology and don’t know what you’re in for. The album also runs the gambit as to song content, you’ve got the full on rockers (“Sssnakepit”), activism (“Gandi Mate, Gandi”), as well as a touching side (“Stalemate”).

If you’re a fan of Post-Hardcore, Alternative Metal, Nü Metal, Electronica, and even Dubstep, this band will intrigue, with the way it fuses all these styles together. The musicianship is incredible, the vocal delivery is all over the place, chaotic at times, but never loses it’s beauty and magic. I’ll score this a major win!

Album Rating: Stream It or Digitally Download It (Legally of Course)

Listening Co-efficient: Active Listen

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