There are a ton of important comics coming out today.  A lot of things that set up this summer’s big storylines (and the next, and the next, and the next).  But not a whole lot of them have equally as important covers.  Well that doesn’t mean I cant find some amazing covers for your visual pleasures.

Speaking of pleasures, let me tell you a story.  Its a story of a man who loves comics, me, and a man who does not, my father.  My Dad supports this site and the dream that lies within, but he doesn’t read comics or really”get” them.  Apparently one store changed his mind.  Third Eye Comics in Annapolis Maryland has become a regular stop in my father’s life.  He’ll go in, talk to Steve, and shoot the shit.  Dad loves the comic based movies, but to get him to throw down some cash for the all in color for a dime floppies is a bit tougher. However Third Eye Comics has something special, because they are convincing a man in his 50s that comics are cool.  That’s why I’m directing all of you over to their site today.

Third Eye Comics

And Zeus Comics is still very cool, I just wanted to share this personal story.

Show me some comic!

Amazing Spider-Man #679

I came very close to walking away from this column so I could go read the last couple issues of Spider-Man (and Daredevil).  I’m so behind right now.  If only there was more time.  Oh, sorry Spidey.  Too soon?  Dammit!   I did it again!

Fathom #4

I love this Tony Parker cover.  So damn fluid (quite literally) and the coral and shells are gorgeous.  Battle tested but still sexy as hell.  That, that sounded more wrong than I had intended.

Haunted City #2

This is the Hoodoo Man and he is bad bad news.  Creepy as hell cover.  Anyone else watch Skeleton Key?  Yeah, I almost cured my fear of voodoo and then this cover showed up.  Damn you Aspen Comics!

Men of War #6

True story, I used to try to draw something cool like this on the chalkboard at school.  I was going for something symbolic and jaw dropping like this cover.  Instead I had a nice meeting with a bunch of adults and my mother.  I guess its all about finding the right medium for your talents.

Warriors of Mars #1

Lately I’ve been getting into old science fiction movies and classic pulp books.  If I saw this cover on either I would buy it in a second, price be damned!