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This just in Wholly Mammoths are still dead, Naked man gets a Happy ending and Germany welcomes you to the Shitstorm!

Thanks to the web German words like “kaput,” “verboten,” and “über,” have become commonplace in everyday usage. So turn around is fair play as group of German linguists has chosen “shitstorm” to be honored as the “Anglicism of the Year”. The linguists have defined ‘Shitstorm’ as “a public outcry, primarily on the Internet, in which arguments mix with threats and insults to reach a critical mass, forcing a reaction.”

Now that Germany finally has a word for that, should we be more worried? Or possibly MOAR worried.

And welcome to the shitstorm this week’s guest reporter Jeremy Belenger

Thanks Jeremy, and here’s a ‘Tusk Tusk’ to those hoaxers.

A 45-year-old Arizona resident who had climbed up a downtown radio tower, naked, was lured down with some hamburgers from McDonald’s.

Office Karen Rayner told the paper “He started taking his clothes off as he climbed the structure”

He agreed to climb down after eating the burgers, so the naked man’s happy meal had a happy ending.

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