Team Hellions EXCLUSIVE Wrestlemania Photo Blog (Part 1)

Here are pictures courtesy of Eric (Leeman) from his ELEVENTH ROW FLOOR SEAT at Wrestlemania 28!  These are just some highlights!  (I will try and keep them in order)


Oh Michael Cole, a huge tool!




Dark Match - The Usos





Great White SHAMEUS!


Daniel Bryan


Well that didn't last very long....New HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, SHAMEUS!!!!!!!!


The Masked KANE


The Viper, Randy Orton


Choke Slam!!!!!!!!!


Cody Rhodes



Big Show WINS!


Beth and Eve. Still wondering what the hell was on Beth's head...


The strength of Phoenix!


Kelly Kelly


Triple H! OH MAN!


When Taker's music hits live it's INSANE!






Mr Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels


An understandably exhausted Undertaker


End of an Era


This was the sign I hand-painted for Leeman. They took it away from him at WM28 but luckily he got it back for tonight's RAW.


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