If there is anything the White Stripes’ established it’s that no matter what Jack White does, we are all going to go crazy until the material is released, and we’ll all go out and buy it the moment it hits shelves. It wasn’t until Jack performed “Sixteen Saltines” on SNL that people started to go nuts for the upcoming album Blunderbuss. Rightfully so, this song packs a musical punch that is easily some of White’s best material to date.

Jack White is the modern equivalent to Pete Townshend, blending art rock with unbelievable guitar hooks, and strangely attractive vocals. On “Sixteen Saltines,” White does a lot with a little; while the guitar lick here is in your face, it’s very basic, but packs so much power and emotion into the song. The lyrical content has a lot to do with Meg White and the ending of the White Stripes. Lyrics like “garbage in, garbage out, she’s getting what she wants” and “if I get busy I couldn’t care less what you do” are clear indications of who the song is aimed at, but despite that, you can tell Jack still cares about her. With lyrics like “but when I’m by myself I think of nothing else, than if a boy just might be getting through and touching you” it’s clear that she’s still on his mind, but the beat down she receives on this track is epic.

The recently released video for “Sixteen Saltines” is run a muck with children taking over everything and is complete with a twist ending that sees Jack White tied up in a car that’s about to be set on fire. The video is almost like a prequel to Children of the Corn, and comes off as creepy as said film. Jack White’s awesomeness gauge is in the red, and if this song doesn’t get you pumped for  Blunderbuss, than you must be deaf!

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