League XI: Prized Possessions.

Yay!  Its another week of exciting answers from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  This week’s question:

What is the one item in your collection you would save if your house was being swallowed by a sink hole, carried off in a tornado, and then swept away in a flood.


Now, we’re to assume that family and pets are already safe.  Speaking of safe, any safes with money, documents or family photos are already accounted for.  So no one get mad at anyone’s answers and think “Oh you don’t care!”  Now that we’re sure all living beings and irreplaceable documents are safe, what would you drag out of the building?

Well, I would save my epic shelf of epicness.  For lack of a better term.  This is the shelf of things I should really put into nice frames or slabbed comic book cases and then display proudly on the wall.  But I’ve yet to do that.  Partly out of laziness and also out of not wanting to work too hard decorating a place we’re renting.  Anyways, because of these reasons all of the really cool stuff I want to one day display is stacked up on one shelf together for ease of showing off.  Best of all I don’t think I spent more than twenty dollars total on this collection.

First of all are the autographs.  Now after Brian was nice enough to say I “really likes books and magazines with scantily-clad oily men (and really, who doesn’t?)” it made me gun shy to include anything wrestling based this week, but screw it!  Also there will be some comics later on.

“What the hell is that?” you might ask.  That is an autograph from the late Owen Hart that I was lucky enough to get at my first live wrestling show ever.  Here is my Owen Hart story:  The venue was in my hometown of Watertown New York and it wasn’t used to having wrestling events held there.  All of the wrestlers had to walk past hundreds and hundreds of fans to get to the sole locker room available.  Only one room for good guys, bad guys, women, all of them.  It was a very strange set up and it led to every fan dying for an autograph to surround the locker room entrance.  Every set of eyes looking in one direction, begging for autographs from Undertaker, Yokozuna, Bob Backlund and… hey… where is Owen Hart?  That’s when I see the man standing next to me.  Sunglasses, ball cap pulled low, jacket covering up his body but just a slight bit of blonde hair poking out.  Holy shit Owen Hart has been standing next to me for at least twenty minutes.  And not one person has noticed.

He turns to the side, sees my look of recognition and says “ah shit”.  He immediately turns around to leave and I follow him.  He turns a corner then stops and sees me running towards him.  I was somewhere between 13 and 15 years old when this happened, so he most definitely saw me as a kid but I wanted to carry myself as an intelligent adult.  He asks me what I want and I say, very intelligently I thought, I wont point out that you’re standing here if you sign this.  He signed my WWF magazine and was off.

It was one of the best experiences of my childhood.  When Owen died, and all the WWF wrestlers were telling stories about him I felt this great kinship.  Because I also had an Owen Hart story.

Now from the late great Owen Hart all the way to independent wrestlers, I have a collection of wrestling autographs.  Nikita Koloff, Kid USA, Nigel McGuinness, even Shawn Michaels.  But the oddest autograph I have comes from Rasta the Voodoo Man.

No, I don’t expect you to know who Rasta the Voodoo Man is.  Nor do I expect you to have heard of Wreak Havoc, which is the name he used at the small independent show I saw him at.  No, you may know him much much better as Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.


Check out a bit of Rasta’s wrestling past.  He was a big guy and average, but muscular.  He certainly did much better in acting and Reebok commercials than on the independent wrestling circuit.


So the Owen autograph was free, and I may have spent five bucks on Rasta’s 8×10.  Thus far not a whole lot of money spent but lets get to the comics.  These are the best comics in my collection.

Yup, those are what you think they are.  Amazing Spider-Man #90 featuring the death of Captain Stacey, Avengers #28 is Hank Pym becoming Goliath, Amazing Spider-Man #300 and finally the first appearance of Wolverine.  Total cost?  Ten dollars and 12 cents.  Yes I am serious.  Well, let me explain…

While digging through my grandparents attic I found a box of old comics.  Some old Dell Dennis the Menace books, Land of the Giants and other Dell licensed titles, some horror comic that was so scary I threw it out and I search through back issues bins hoping one day to find that comic again (yeah I don’t remember title or company or anything) but there at the bottom was the oldest issue of Spider-Man I had ever seen.

So that one was free.  Incredible Hulk actually has a bad page on the inside, making it worth no where near what it would be, so I was given that one from a friend.  He was older and concentrating more on Underground stuff than super heroes.  Avengers was found while digging through a forgotten box at the local comic book shop.  The owner had forgotten about the box, and everything in it.  He was stunned when I found such an old comic but its kind of beaten up and I think he wanted to hook a young kid on the joy of comics.  I bought it for cover price and have cherished it ever since.  Sure if I got it graded its probably only a 3.0 but I don’t care.  Its old, its the Avengers, and its mine.  The only one I spent money on was the first appearance of Venom.  I started to get into the speculation craze, why yes this was when Wizard magazine came out how did you guess.  Some flea market had it marked for 10 dollars and I grabbed it.  Its beaten up thoroughly read but damn that cover really pops.

Sure there are lots of other things in my collection that I love and cherish.  But I’ll never get these comics for next to nothing again, and there is no way to meet someone who has passed and have my own personal story to go with it.



  1. Good lord those are some skimpy trunks on that Chaz fellow. Even 1995 Made in the USA Lex Luger would tell that boy to cover his ass up!

  2. Kevin, I hope you now that I only kid because I care. You can talk about wrestling every week. 😉

    Your story about finding the Avengers comic is almost identical to how I found an issue of Iron Man #1 in the dollar bin many years ago. It’s one of the very few comics I have held on to since the day I bought it and I probably cherish it more for the memory of how I found it than for anything else.

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