Considering FCW is only an hour show because of commercial breaks every week, fitting in a half an hour match into one show was risky. FCW did suffer a bit because of it, only giving us three wrestling matches. The matches were great themselves, it just meant there was no plot development for the show that as late seems to have less plot for the characters. It’s becoming less like NXT and more like Superstars, where every week we have to rely a bit more on the commentators. This is not a complete complaint, but I like plot with my shows.

4. William Regal and Jim Ross on commentary

This is my second favorite commentary team that I get to see on a semi-regular basis. Ross is not what he used to be on the mic but he definitely has the enthusiasm and enjoyment when he’s out there. He has a passion for what is going on in the ring, and it shows. Regal has found a groove for the mic and knows how to play off of Ross’s weaknesses and vice versa. Excellent team for this show.

3. Raquel Diaz vs. Audrey Marie vs. Paige

I debated between this one being 2 or 3 for a few minutes, but a reasonable argument made this number 3. Audrey Marie, who is my least favorite in FCW and still more preferred than quite a few divas already brought up in the WWE, holds her own against two women who can wrestle circles around her. Much to my surprise there is no interference from Sofia during this match despite the fact that she accompanied Paige to the ring. Which made Paige’s win over Raquel even better. Raquel went for the pin on Audrey Marie and as she tried to ready herself, Paige slid in and got Raquel’s shoulders down which gave the win to Paige after a three count. Beautifully mastered, as many of the diva matches seem to end with a slight or trick in some way.

On a side note, I believe they are slowly trying to turn Raquel face. She went from dark diva of the Ascension to slowly making her a valley girl with blonder hair and a bubbly personality. It would make sense to bring her up as a face, even though her mother is Vickie who is the perfect heel. Raquel would be welcomed, just because of who her father is, and it would be a great time to get more heat on Vickie if Raquel decides to play good girl.

Other side note, they could totally put Paige with the Ascension now. That scream works for the craziness that comes from those guys.

2. Antonio Cesaro vs. Richie Steamboat

During this episode the two of them were going for a 30 minute challenge, even though it’s the Jack Brisco 15 minute challenge. They had already done 20 minutes, but sure, let’s go with 30. 10 minutes into it, Cesaro was gassed. 20 minutes into it he almost looked ready to quit. Cesaro was not made for a 30 minute match, and it showed. The reason this one beat out the divas was the reason I was going to give the divas 2. The trick at the end was great, but this match actually had quite a few of them. Once again, at the end, they were 2 to 2, with Cesaro getting two solid pins on Steamboat, while Steamboat’s two had been almost flukes. The third and last pin, unsurprisingly, we to Steamboat, who retained the 15 Minute Championship.

1. Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton vs. Leo Kruger and Brad Maddox

Before this I had said to Chris, “I hope this episode has Mike Dalton.” Mike Dalton comes out. Chris tells me, “Well, they are getting the show started right away for you.” Then JR says, “Wasting no time getting started this week-” It was a fun moment. Dalton goes up against my other favorite guy in this episode with Kruger and I just cheer for everybody. I knew how it would end, just because Jordan is the man with the least amount of push in the match, though he had just beaten Sandow. Jordan was pinned by Brad Maddox but it didn’t make him look bad. In fact, everyone in this match looked incredible.