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If you can’t scrape together the $11.00 ($6.00 on Tuesday nights at Rave) to see the new Avengers movie yourself, or if you couldn’t care less about superheroes but want to seem cool at parties, or if you simply want to justify that Thor T Shirt you bought at Old Navy (it’s vintage!) but don’t actually like Thor (or realize he’s in the Avengers) this review is for you!


Shaft is working for S.H.I.E.L.D under the name Nick Fury, but he’s still one bad (shut your mouth).  And if you can’t tell the difference: Fury has an eye patch.   *Bonus information: Nick Fury was white when he defeated HYDRA, a German terrorist organization with Nazi ties, which is why the Germans love him.

They’re doing research on the Tesseract, you know Evie’s Dad from Out of This World? But apparently Evie’s Dad is Loki’s long lost father too because…

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