To point out, when you actually take out commercials from this show it runs about 32 minutes long. In that amount of time there was 14 minutes and 42 seconds worth of wrestling. Sure, shorter matches, but a wider cover of matches to show ratio than a typical show. So, why didn’t the matches make the list? Well, plot kind of won out this time!

4. JTG’s New Look

Alicia Fox said that she could change JTG’s look, all she needed was a week. That was last week. This week were introduced to an updated Brooklyn JTG. While many people were torn, I think a lot of it was the fact that this was not the JTG that they have grown used to for the last… how many years? The look works, and JTG works it, without completely changing who he is. What do you think of the new look?




Might be a bad shot of JTG, but I love these glasses and you needed a close-up.












3. Maxine’s Smile

Maxine was told her attitude had to change, so the new Maxine also makes an appearance this show and freaks everyone out. She was weird enough that Curtis comments, “She’s a little too weird for me, and I like weird.” Maxine smiles so much through this show that even as Tamina goes to do the Superfly Splash on her, Maxine smiles right through it (though she does manage to roll out of the way, making her look less crazy, but still crazy). Maxine’s work on NXT is brilliant and this is just another plus for her.



2. Who is the Mystery Attacker?

I love seeing all of the ideas of who is attacking the men on NXT. At first it appeared it might be Kidd’s Curse, and they were going after his opponents, but this week it was poor Derrick, who was already in a bad place this week! Poor Derrick! My guess: Trent Barreta. I think he’s out to make sure Kidd doesn’t replace him as tag partner before he makes his triumphant return, which he will. What about you guys? Any guesses? I’d love to hear more theories.

1. Reks and Hawkins are the New Security Team

Oh, poor William Regal’s face when the eloquently spoken duo come out to announce they are the new security duo for NXT. Striker is none too happy either considering they were his secondary kidnappers! (Hard to forget the, “Why do you have chloroform” exchange with Johnny and Maxine!) Reks, as always, looks stylish and as if he belongs in a GQ magazine while Hawkins looks smart, but a little more laid back in his choice of suit. Later, Reks and Hawkins give Maxine and Johnny the key to allow them out of the handcuffs. Beautifully written, and these are the reasons I love NXT. This is the show with a storyline from beginning, middle, to end.

I look forward to next week!