Top 4 of NXT 5/9/12

To point out, when you actually take out commercials from this show it runs about 32 minutes long. In that amount of time there was 14 minutes and 42 seconds worth of wrestling. Sure, shorter matches, but a wider cover of matches to show ratio than a typical show. So, why didn’t the matches make the list? Well, plot kind of won out this time!

4. JTG’s New Look

Alicia Fox said that she could change JTG’s look, all she needed was a week. That was last week. This week were introduced to an updated Brooklyn JTG. While many people were torn, I think a lot of it was the fact that this was not the JTG that they have grown used to for the last… how many years? The look works, and JTG works it, without completely changing who he is. What do you think of the new look?




Might be a bad shot of JTG, but I love these glasses and you needed a close-up.












3. Maxine’s Smile

Maxine was told her attitude had to change, so the new Maxine also makes an appearance this show and freaks everyone out. She was weird enough that Curtis comments, “She’s a little too weird for me, and I like weird.” Maxine smiles so much through this show that even as Tamina goes to do the Superfly Splash on her, Maxine smiles right through it (though she does manage to roll out of the way, making her look less crazy, but still crazy). Maxine’s work on NXT is brilliant and this is just another plus for her.



2. Who is the Mystery Attacker?

I love seeing all of the ideas of who is attacking the men on NXT. At first it appeared it might be Kidd’s Curse, and they were going after his opponents, but this week it was poor Derrick, who was already in a bad place this week! Poor Derrick! My guess: Trent Barreta. I think he’s out to make sure Kidd doesn’t replace him as tag partner before he makes his triumphant return, which he will. What about you guys? Any guesses? I’d love to hear more theories.

1. Reks and Hawkins are the New Security Team

Oh, poor William Regal’s face when the eloquently spoken duo come out to announce they are the new security duo for NXT. Striker is none too happy either considering they were his secondary kidnappers! (Hard to forget the, “Why do you have chloroform” exchange with Johnny and Maxine!) Reks, as always, looks stylish and as if he belongs in a GQ magazine while Hawkins looks smart, but a little more laid back in his choice of suit. Later, Reks and Hawkins give Maxine and Johnny the key to allow them out of the handcuffs. Beautifully written, and these are the reasons I love NXT. This is the show with a storyline from beginning, middle, to end.

I look forward to next week!


15 thoughts on “Top 4 of NXT 5/9/12

  1. NXT has been the WWE’s best show for going on six months now. If you haven’t been watching, you’ve missed out on the ONLY WWE show that consistently attempts to progress storylines and develop characters. At this point, it’s basically the only show where I actually care about the talent, because I’m given reasons to EVERY WEEK.

    On Raw, they throw one or two stories (typically the same one over and over) out there and use the rest of the show as filler. The same few guys get all of the glory and everyone else is dumped on. This isn’t the case with NXT, which has somehow managed to actually use everyone. Every individual is given an opportunity to shine. Everyone gets showcased. It’s a fantastic approach that I wish would rub off on the rest of the wrestling world.

    At this point, I only really watch Raw/Smackdown because there are a handful of people on each show I really like. Unfortunately, I don’t like them because they’re used well, but only because they’re actually good at what they do. With NXT, I’ve grown attached to pretty much everyone. They actually do things. They interact. They grow. They change.

    NXT made giving JTG a (long overdue) wardrobe change a big deal. “New Maxine” had me rolling with laughter. I actually want to know the identity of the “mystery attacker” in a way I never really cared about previous mystery attacker angles (which were always disappointing anyway, ie that time it was Rikishi). Also, Reks was absolute gold this week. Hawkins was solid, as always. These two guys should have been tag champs months ago. Also, how did NXT make a “firing” entertaining? Raw certainly couldn’t with Cena the several stupid times they failed at it.

    I also really appreciated that Bateman acknowledged his “Smackdown failure” from the previous week. When I was at that Smackdown taping and saw it happen (other than being angry), I actually said that I hoped Bateman would use/mention the experience on NXT the following week, so kudos to them for not pretending like it didn’t happen (which happens on the other shows regularly).

    Everyone involved in NXT deserves a bonus. Indeed, everyone. From Regal’s genius commentary all the way to the recently departed Young/Titus.

  2. Well I must say JTG now looks like a mix between Elijah Burke, A lame Kanye West imitator and a failed auditionee for the 70’s classic movie ‘The Warriors’.

    I do however love the mismatched couple of Maxine and Johnny Curtis. Some of the banter that goes on with them is great.

    The mystery attacker? Has potiential to be one of the new ‘talent’ Regal talks about bringing into the fold. Maybe someone with a vicious streak from FCW?

    Reks and Hawkins… Somehow I think Curt stole that suit from the Triple H COO collection. In seriousness it’s still a good way to keep them on TV.

    Oh and #BatemanForTheWin

  3. NXT is currently my joint favourite WWE show (with FCW) as it not only shows off great, underused talent, but also has far superior plots to Raw and Smackdown. A key example is the recent storyline between Punk and Jericho on Raw. These two should be stealing the show as wrestlers, but frankly mediocre storylines hold them back. NXT on the other hand, has stories that I am genuinely interested in, and characters that I can’t help but grow to care about. Reks and Hawkins being fired generated actual sympathy, more so than any previous ‘fired’ storyline. (i.e. Cena or Jeff Hardy) NXT’s habit of giving overlooked talent a chance is the direction the WWE should be going, as opposed to feeding them to Brodus, Tensai, Ryback etc. The apparent insistance of pushing the SAME guys over and over again is getting tiring, and is just more proof that the WWE should be looking towards NXT as one of its main shows.

  4. I love NXT BECAUSE of the storytelling. Yes, the wrestling is good, and borders on giving Smackdown a run for the money, but the meat here is the tales. Maxine’s smile and form aren’t fooling me; she wants off NXT BADLY. Reks and Hawkins are the slightly smart duo that plot around everything trying to figure what else to muck up. I agree with you on Trent, He’s nowhere to be found. Matt Striker loosing his cool needs to develop into a match, seriously. He’s been verbally abused, beaten, chloroformed. He deserves to take out his aggression on either one of the 4 who plotted against him. As for JTG’s updated look? Eh, it’s better than it was. He still needs flair in my opinion. Something to put him over the top and make more people notice him in a good way.

    BTW – President of the Matt Striker Appreciation Fan Club 😉 #StrikerAppreciationPost

  5. Agree with your post ! NXT is the Best show actually. I love all of the talents on it. They’re great & talented. They’re better than a lot of wrestlers in the main roster. The stories, matches & gimmick on NXT are very good. I’m never tired to watch this show. My favorite wrestlers work on it, so I’m even more happy. I can’t wait to see the new faces soon on the show. I think the mystery attacker is a guy from FCW, like Ambrose or Husky Harris (with his new gimmick). By the way, the “New Maxine” interrested me. Maxine is my favorite Diva actually, I believe in her, she has all to be on top. She looks way more prettier with a gorgeous smile on her lovely face ;). Hawkins & Reks are simply awesome ! They’re so badass, I love them 🙂 ! I think Derrick Bateman is really underrated, he should wrestle more. He’s great, talented & funny. I’m never disapointed by Tyson Kidd & Michael McGuillicutty. They should be more use. They’ve great wrestling skills. I’m simply a huge fan of this show. I love all on it.

    But the pure jewel on this show is & stay my Idol Johnny Curtis ! He’s simply the Best ♥ 😉 !

  6. I’m not saying anything that every other NXT fan hasn’t said before, but the writing on NXT is incredible. NXT has consistent, creative storylines that actually tell a complete and interesting story. Fans actually care about the story it’s telling, becoming so invested that we eagerly look forward to the next episode. Seriously? A compelling storyline? In wrestling?! When’s the last time that happened?

    NXT makes excellent use of dialogue, too. Far more funny, witty things are said on NXT than on Raw & Smackdown combined. I genuinely laugh at the exchanges on NXT. It’s also my opinion that characters rounder and more fully developed on NXT. I feel like I know a lot more about the individual personalities and motivations of talent on NXT than the rest of the roster, and I love that.

    …and, as the article mentions, all of these things are taking place within the limitations of a half-hour, wrestling-heavy show. Talk about doing a lot very little to work with!

  7. Another great #NXT as usual. The love triangles and such are a bit much, but seem to be calming down… Johnny is weird for sure, coming out in a Leather jacket with nothing but trunks and baby oil underneath. Would hate to be his dry cleaner. Mystery attacker strikes again, this time Sweet Meat gets tenderized a bit. Lot of good upcoming talent, has a chance to work without getting squashed all the time… right Curtis? Bateman?..

  8. I don’t blame you for not including a match in the lists, because none of them were as standout as all the character development was in this episode. I can’t say that there is any storyline going on in NXT that I don’t like. We got rid of Titus, and I was even beginning to enjoy him, if only in the slightest. The whole story with Reks/Hawkins/Regalhas been something that started as a funny little segment to a full-fledged angle that is quite possibly the most interesting story that gets better with each week. Having them sort of get their jobs back by becoming Security is brilliant, and it somehow raises the bar for the whole storyline.

    I’m hoping the person attacking people backstage is someone completely new to NXT, but I get a feeling it’s probably either Reks/Hawkins or Michael McGuillicutty…not that that would necessarily be a bad thing, but I think it’d be best as a launching point for someone being brought up, or restarting his rise to relevance.

    Great stuff from NXT yet again.

  9. I really enjoy NXT & Superstars. These guys have to try harder than the big 2 rosters, and it shows. For some they get to work on their mic skills, others get to polish their moves or looks. I honestly enjoy these shows, even if the majority of the audience is just waiting for Raw to start.

  10. With the comment above about firing Tyler Reks i totally disagree. Reks is entertaining, he’s talented, and he’s VERY handsome -okay, that last one wasn’t needed but still- He has the potential to be a huge fan favorite in the WWE.

    Also, I think the Trent Barretta thing is really smart, I didn’t think about that possibility.

    NXT needs more Derrick Bateman! I think I’m going through a withdrawal here!

    I think if RAW and Smackdown had storylines like NXT, it’ll keep more people’s attention. (definitely mine!)

    I would get into the whole Diva’s match length thing, but this is not the time, nor the blog entry.

    As far as JTG’s makeover, i love it! Hopefully a change in attitude soon as well.

    Well, thats all! Great choices for the top 4. 🙂


    • Thank you, sweetie! I really appreciate the comment! And yes, Reks… I’m with you all of the way (obviously!)

  11. I must say I hadn’t considered the Trent Barretta possibility. Really shows you’re thinking about it. I completely agree on NXT being the best show WWE make, especially when it comes to storyline continuity. I must say though, what I love is that pretty much every single heel on the show is a creepy sexual predator. IT’S FANTASTIC.

    Regarding this show, I didn’t think it was their best – but it was still a great show. As you pointed out, JTG’s makeover was great. He appears to have turned face; I wonder if this is because he got a bigger pop than anyone else on the show usually gets, despite being a heel, when he came out a few weeks ago.

    I was glad to see the return of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, too. I’m interested to see if they’ll end up carrying this role on working for Johnny on, say, Raw or SmackDown. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the role they’re in, but I’m not down on it. Open minded, shall we say.

    The new and improved Maxine, quote/unquote, was the highlight of the show for me. She’s a star. She’s amazing. It’s also interesting to note that NXT embraces divas and gives them more storylines in a 40m show than Raw or SmackDown does in two hours. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Natalya or Kaitlyn wrestle, although I know Kaitlyn was on SmackDown this week.

    What else? Johnny Curtis was as awesome as ever, Michael McGillicutty was as much of a fantastic c**t as every week, Tyson Kidd’s still one of the top five wrestlers in the WWE, and I still hate Percy Watson with a passion.

    Love NXT.

  12. NXT right now has the best storylines in all of WWE. The way that they have transformed characters like Hawkins, Ryder, Bateman, Curtis etc into must see is superb.

    NXT has also given Tyson Kidd a chance to show the world (or the IWC) just how good he is – hopefully a mid-card title reign or tag run is in his future.

    Plus we also get longer Diva matches that don’t end with the roll up of doom!

    And finally we get the beautiful commentary of the legendary William Regal. His stories of slappers make me laugh every time.

    Without NXT we wouldn’t get to see a lot of the great wrestlers and personalities of these supersars and for that we should be thankful.

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