WWE NXT Spoilers for 3 Weeks! New Home! Upset Solace!

LOADS! of spoilers ahead.  This is the first set of tapings from NXT and FCW’s new home at Full Sail.

Dark match:

Xavier Woods defeats Dean Ambrose.

Triple H thanks the fans and the staff of Full Sail.

Jim Ross and William Regal are the announcers.  Regal is no longer the NXT GM.  That will now be Dusty Rhodes.

Bo Dallas defeats Rick Victor.

The Ascension (Connor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron) defeat CJ Parker and Mike Dalton.

Damien Sandow refuses to fight Jason Jordan and cuts a promo.

Tyson Kidd defeats Michael McGillicutty.

(Possibly second episode starts here.)

Seth Rollins defeats Jiro.

Jinder Mahal defeats Jason Jordan.

Leo Kruger defeats Aiden English.

Richie Steamboat defeats Rick Victor.

Antonio Cesaro (with Aksana) defeats Dante Dash.

Derrick Bateman defeats Johnny Curtis.

(Maybe a new episode here.)

R-Truth defeats Epico.

Sofia Cortez defeats Paige.

Seth Rollins defeats Camacho (with Hunico).  Rollins is attacked after the match until Bo Davis makes the save.

Jake Carter and Corey Graves defeat CJ Parker and Nick Rogers.

Kassius Ohno defeats Mike Dalton.

Richie Steamboat defeats Leo Kruger.

Richie gets cut open hard way.  Kruger attacks him some more and Steamboat is carried out.

Jinder Mahal defeats Derrick Bateman.

The Ascension defeat the Usos.

Bray Wyatt defeats Aiden English.

Hunico and Camacho and Michael McGillicutty defeat Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins and Bo Dallas.

Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio.


This was a LONG taping and some of the fans were not happy.  These fans suck.  I would love to see numerous hours of wrestling.  Especially ones that want to be noticed and are working hard.



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