From Image Comics, Skybound Entertainment, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, Rus Wooton, Sina Grace.


Well, its the build up to #100.  Only two more issues to go.  So you know shit is going to happen.  So much shit that we need to dispense with talking around it.  There are going to be spoilers discussed here.  Lots of them.  Things happen in the issue that must be discussed.  And if you’re not up to date on the Walking Dead, then why the hell are you reading this article?  Once you click on the blog you have lost any right to complain if the story is spoiled for you.

Which is why this has gone on for so long.  Just want to make sure you have plenty of time to turn around.  Also, this ensures that any links which include some of the text will not have any spoilers within that blurb.

So, the break is up.  The Spoiler warning picture is up.  If you don’t want to know what’s coming turn around now.

This is a pretty damn shocking death.

Abraham and Eugene are taking a walk to find supplies.  Its a very quiet scene, and a good one.  The two men reach an understanding between themselves and their history and relationship with Rosita.  With the 100th issue just two away, every thing looks like this will be a quiet set up issue.

And then Abraham takes a fucking arrow through the skull and out his eye.


Negan’s people take out Abraham.  Within the Walking Dead, it does not pay to be the muscle.  Any time a group of people is going against our crew, the big guy is taken out first.  Eugene is lucky to escape when he does.  As villainous as this scarred up lieutenant of Negan may be, you still have to feel bad when someone gets his balls bitten off.

Then Rick and crew take weapons to these assailants.  Rick learns from the past, and that lesson is kill everyone.  If only one person gets back then that one person can bring an army to their gate.  But, it still doesn’t happen.  Our group is fucked and Rick doesn’t know what to do.

All of which I think still fits into my theory.  Rick is going to become a version of the Governor.  He sees everything crumbling around him.  Bad guys are about to take the fight to their door.  His Man-At-Arms just died.  The only option he has left is to out evil evil.

Rick is going to have to take the fight to Negan’s door.  Kill everyone and burn down everything.  Men, women and children.  There can be no survivors because that one could be the same one that comes back and takes him out later on.

He has a child, he has a girl, and he has the hope that a new world can finally be built.  While at the end of this issue, Rick doesn’t know what to do, that will not last long.  He is going to come back from getting knocked down.  And the man that comes back will be so dangerous, so nasty, he will be unrecognizable in comparison to the Rick we’ve known these last few years.