FOOM! This Week’s Greatest Comic Book Covers Revealed! 6/6/12.

Wow what a crazy week.  We got some AVX, Before Watchmen and my two … what do you call them, oh yeah.

Picks of the week!

I strongly suggest you buy Supurbia #4 and Bleeding Cool #0 today.  Two titles that are going to get a lot of play and notice here today at Team Hellions.

If you want to play and notice some great comics I suggest cool stores like Zeus Comics, Third Eye Comics, Midtown Comics, and the source of today’s graphics – Things from Another World.

Without further delay… Lets get this comic party started!

Avengers vs. X-Men #5 (Stegman cover).

At first it was just Hope with the Phoenix over her face.  Not a big deal.  Upon a more detailed look though, those are tears.  And that’s when the pain and torment this teenage girl is going through hit me.  A teenage girl who might destroy the universe.

Famous Monsters of Filmland #262

Yes. Yes this cover is only here because its Godzilla vs. Gamera.  I’m a new fan to all of Kaiju and even as a new fan I know how pants wetting this image is.  I don’t always pick up Famous Monsters, but I may have to grab at least one copy of this one.

Fathom Kiani Vol. 2 #3

Oliver Nome cover.  For damn sure.  Oliver is a friend of the site, and he’s going through some tough surgery right now and could use some help.  Head to the below link to be a pal.  Support Oliver Nome!

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #179

Do. Not. Fuck. With. Cobra. Commander!!!!

GI Combat #2

Look at the Triceratops’s eyes!  That’s just wonderful.  He is as confused as we are.  Poor little big three horned long dead thunder lizard.

Spawn #220

I’ve been organizing my comic books lately and came across the entire first 2 or 3 years of Image Comics.  This tribute to the cover of Savage Dragon #1 takes me back to that part of my life.  Young teenager.  Comics were cool and exciting.  I didn’t have to worry about bills or anything.  But I didn’t have any of you!

Supurbia #4

The point of this title is to focus on the partners, the families of the super heroes.  This iconic tribute cover gets the point across instantly.  It should attract fans of the book, new readers, and those people at the local comic book shop who just like to collect cool covers.


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