I take time to watch the news mostly every morning. There’s always the mix of the depressing, the weird, the “hey, why is this exactly news?”

Today’s post fits in the last column. I can’t help but chuckle over the recent “controversy” with the Miss America Pageant. Apparently a former contestant, Miss Pennsylvania, claims that the top 5 are fixed right from the beginning. She is just SO DISENCHANTED with the organization. You know, the one where they pretty much value the superficial over any real substance. Pardon me if I can’t take a organization seriously where recently it was commented on TV that one of the participants was ‘so intelligent’ because she knew the name of the Vice President. You would have to be a deaf, dumb, and in a vegetative coma to not know Biden’s name.

Donald Trump, who owns the Miss America (and I think Miss Universe) pageant claims that this woman is throwing a world-class hissy because she wasn’t in the Top 15 and disagrees with the recent decision to allow transgender women to compete. I tend to think that it is the latter, and while she claims “morality” I bet she’s pissed that the transgender Canadian competitor, Jenna Talackova looks like a beautiful while she looks….over done. I am glad that this socially irrelevant organization is promoting different ideals of beauty and femininity by allowing Jenna to compete, and welcome Miss Pennsylvania’s leaving if it offends her delicate moral character. Which I would like to point out Miss Penn is in no way offended by prancing around in a bikini and 4” heels attempting to impress some middle-aged men.

The Miss America pageant is well past it’s prime, in my humble opinion. They embrace a very narrow definition of beauty, and has next to no relevance in contemporary culture, unless there is controversy.

I can’t even tell you when pageants are televised. A majority of these beauty queens come across as frothy confections full of empty calories. I am surprised there isn’t a Miss America reality TV show yet, a continuation of the absolute train-wreck and pedophile dream show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’. Something entitled “Cookie cutter brainless twits and Tiaras”.

But HONESTLY, does anyone actually care if the pageant is rigged or not?

Oh wait, I forgot, it’s a SCHOLARSHIP competition…

Image of Zombie Beauty Queens courtesy of Google.

(Yeah, I kind of brought out the snark tonight.)