Recently Team Hellions was contacted by NTNT and asked to review the album.  Usually Rob does the reviews here but I wanted to try this one.

Thank goodness I did, because it hit at just the right time.

It is an album of strength.  Learn from your setbacks, accept it when you’re knocked down.  But always, always get back up.

Every track needs to be heard and embraced by those who struggle.  Musicians, bloggers, artists of any calling – give yourself an hour.  Let every single track cascade over your body like a hot shower.  Feel your psyche regroup and rise back up to try again.

The messages uplift with every lyric.  “Pushed out, pushed down” though we may be, as creators we need to never quit.  Our voices are the only ones that can help.  We are the ones who inspire thought, education, and change.  Your friends need you, the world needs you.  “This city is calling out.”  Pick up your guitars, sharpen your pencils, wet your brushes – and fucking make something.

Rattle the status quo, and take a lesson from this album in how to do just that.  Listen straight through to the enigma that is the track order.  Every song is different and yet forms this cohesive bond between themselves and the listener.  By keeping us off balance, never knowing what to expect next, NTNT demands that every song stands out.  There is no possibility of zoning out while the music plays in the background.  The moment a melody becomes familiar – BAM! – next song.  That next song sounds nothing like the previous one, nor anything like the one forthcoming.  Constant change, never doing that which is expected, yet always creating.

Seriously, “Spinning on Fire” for example, sounds nothing like anything else on the album.  It is also an amazing song to listen to with headphones.  The play between left and right balance ignites parts of your brain that have never previously responded to music.

However, please don’t think that its entirely serious.  “I Put Some Whiskey On It” has quickly become my new drinking jam.   If we are all to work hard as artists, then we deserve to relax hard as well.  Creativity needs passion and this song, much like whiskey, causes an increase in passionate feelings.  Listen to that base line.  If you’re not lusting after that sexy person dancing to this song, then you are said sexy person.  It deserves to be in every jukebox, and every party mix across the country.  The only reason your local DJ hasn’t added it to his arsenal yet is because he is not aware of it.  Do yourself, your fellow bar patrons, your DJ, and NTNT a favor – pass this song on to everyone you know that enjoys a good night out.

Within the span of one CD bonds have been formed.  Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger has become my pick me up.  They give all who hear the strength to keep moving.  “We all fall down” but we all push forward.  Hey, today sucked and I too “wish this life was easier”.  The desire, the dreams are tough.  They are “just” a band from Portland that sees the less talented in the music industry becoming multi millionaires.  People who only have record deals because of a famous parent, or partner.  Or the bane that is autotune.  I write to exhaustion every day, then see Snooki on the best seller list.

It was an honor to have this band, and this album brought into my life.  I implore you all to buy it, download it, listen to it at numerous sources online.  It is one of the best and most moving music experiences of your life.!/nturtlentiger