From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Alex Konat, Beth Sotelo, Josh Reed.

Fathom may be the most cliffhanger-est comic I’ve ever read.  In this issue alone, Fathom has the odds against her no less than four times.  In the span of one regular size comic book!  That’s counting certain ordeals as one long scene, the number could grow depending on your interpretation.  Every other page turns up the suspense.  It is a comic book movie serial.  Two pages of the comic fuels the equivalent of 20-30 minutes of film.  This issue is like the Indiana Jones of comics (you know, besides the fact that there are Indiana Jones comics).

Aspen Matthews isn’t just an action hero though.  She comes off the page with more depth in 22 pages than most female super heroes get in 22 years.  Fathom is seen as scared, concerned, tough, dominant, caring, concerned, helpful, defeated, surprised, hated, hateful and loving all within this issue.

I am constantly impressed with this series.  From the strong portrayal of a female lead, to the intricate world building.  I never know what to expect from Fathom in the same way I never know what to expect from the real world.

While the writing knocks me off balance with every twist and turn, the art keeps it clear.  Three women have major scenes in this comic, and not a one of them look alike.  Its sad that this is a problem in comics from other companies, but it is.  Whether it be Aspen, Sethal or Padma every woman is distinct.

There are many women who read comics and like to collect books featuring strong female characters.  Many times these women end up disappointed by these books.  Do them a favor and pick up Fathom as a gift.  They will be back each and every month for the best written women in all of comics.