First WWE NXT Spoilers from Full Sail.

Hey make sure to beware the spoiler!

Dark match:

Xavier Woods defeats Corey Graves (1/2 FCW tag team champions).

Episode one:

Camacho (with Hunico) defeats Tyson Kidd.  Michael McGillicutty appears to distract Kidd.

Bray Wyatt defeats Aiden English.

The Prime Time Players defeat the Usos.

Episode two:

Tamina defeats Kaitlyn.

Jinder Mahal defeats Percy Watson.

Leo Kruger defeats Richie Steamboat.

Justin Gabriel defeats Heath Slater.

(End of episode two.)

Dark Match:

Sin Cara defeats Hunico (with Camacho).

Episode three:

Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty defeat Bo Dallas and Derrick Bateman.

Sofia Cortez defeats Natalya by a count out.  Natalya refused to wrestle, and was thus counted out.  Natayla then attacked Sofia and locked on the Sharpshooter.

The Ascension (Connor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron) defeat Garrett Dylan and Dante Dash.

Drew McIntyre defeats Seth Rollins.

Episode Four:

Raquel Diaz defeats Paige.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Alex Riley.

Unknown episode (to be edited in later):

Sheamus defeats Drew McIntyre.



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