The League XVIII: Reality TV Treasure Hunters.


This week on the League, we have been given two assignments.  For those of you who don’t know, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a loose collection of bloggers who are given a weekly question and then we all answer and comment on each others’ answers.  Its a cross pollination of blogging and you never know what you’ll find.

Speaking of never knowing what you’ll find, that leads into this week’s question:

Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Hollywood Treasure, Storage Wars, Toy Hunters, Auction Hunters, Auction Kings — the list of reality TV treasure hunting shows goes on and on. If you could spend a week with the crew from one of these shows (or one that I missed) who would it be?

A HUGE part of watching these shows is being in the right mental mood for them.  These are business men.  They have to buy as low as possible to then turn a profit.  While I understand the concept of a “fair deal” if this is your business you cant give everyone top dollar.  My own personal rule for buying and selling is, can I sleep on this?  As long as I don’t feel there is screwing over happening in either direction, I’m good.  Now, all that being said, there is the side that needs to be smart and business minded.  Buy a box of 90s comics for $10 and find Action Comics #1 in it?  Bonus.  I don’t feel you then need to track down every single person who may have owned that box and give them a cut of the million dollar auction.  “Hello, you know that storage unit you abandoned?  Turns out you had something valuable in it, would you like some money?”  However, if you see and know exactly how valuable something is while making the deal – be honest.

Also, know when to walk away.  I went to a huge city wide sale this past weekend (pictures eventually) and there were loads of comics.  From 25 cents each for brand new comics at one table, to $5 a piece for overpriced 90s books at the next.  Don’t grab everything, work out deals, and know when to walk away.  That box for 25 cents each?  I bought 50 of them for 5 bucks, because I was willing to take them all in one shot.

Plus you need to stick within your expertise, to a point.  I’m pretty good with comics, toys and books.  I’ll grab some records or baseball cards occasionally.  However, even if I think I’m in front of antique fishing rods or rare coins for dirt cheap I know when to do my best Kenny Rogers and walk away.

So now that I know who I am, and my POV going into all this, who would I line up with the best?

I would certainly go into the Pawn Stars shop if I were in the area.  However, not once have I felt a connection to any of the guys.  And the way they pissed on that Transformers collection still irritates me.

Solely because of this week’s question I started watching Storage Wars.  YUP!  There are some things I like, and certainly parts I don’t.  YUP!  Now, I’m only in season one on Netflix but I will be watching the rest of the show soon and I realize that anything can happen.  YUP!  People could grow on me, some could disappoint me.  So far I like Barry.  He sees legit.  YUP!  Just a guy there for fun.  Sure, he’s going to make money off of it but thus far he doesn’t come across poorly.  YUP!  And yes, Brandi  is rather cute.  YUP!  Fuckin A, Dave will you shut the fuck up?!

Hollywood Treasure is a geek museum of a TV show.  Every episode shows off one of a kind items that result in a pile of drool on my pillow.  Oh how I wish I could afford just one thing on here.  Movie props are usually out of any price range I can currently justify.  I will however one day bid on a wrestling outfit on eBay.  Also one of a kind, yet still somewhat affordable.  Thanks to Hollywood Treasure I see how to really show off and display a collection.  There is accumulating, and there is collecting.  I want to be a collector.  I want to have some gorgeous art and toys and one day one of a kind props and costumes.  Also, befriend the small people now.  George Lucas was just a guy with a silly space movie at one point.  Jim Henson was just a dreamer with yards and yards of felt and an imagination.  While I don’t feel I’m at a level to hang out with the crew of this show, I do respect them and enjoy this show.  But all of that is only enough for a runner up spot.

American Pickers is my jam.  Mike and Frank seem very cool and very laid back.  As pointed out in other League members posts, they pass over a lot of stuff too.  I’m not into what they collect, and they’re not into what I want.  Go ahead and take your motorcycle parts.  I’ll grab the books, comics, and pop culture memorabilia.  You may not want a piggy bank with Dig ‘Em on it, but I do!

Plus, American Pickers has that secret weapon.  That’s right, I’m talking about Danielle.

As other League members have pointed out, she’s attractive, and I certainly will not debate that.  However, that’s not why I’m mentioning her here.  No, the reason for that is because she is like everything that could possibly be found on the show.  She can be both classic or modern.  Everything about her is from another era and yet current at the same time.  She’s slightly older than me, and with that age comes confidence in who you are.  One Google search and it becomes clear she was into tattoos, burlesque, and vintage before it was cool.  A beta test for a suicide girl.  I’ll give her gas money, just talk to me about things!  This sounds like an amazing life.  Get in the van, hear some great stories, and then stop at houses to look at cool shit.  Plus, with only the two of us I’m guaranteed a front seat!  Nothing against Mike and Frank, but if I’m sitting in the back I’m just taking up space that could have been filled with some found treasures.

Alright, now who else has spent the rest of the week hunting for hidden gems with renewed vigor?


3 thoughts on “The League XVIII: Reality TV Treasure Hunters.

  1. Excellent article, Kevin! All these shows are so much fun to watch for different reasons. I really don’t watch all that much TV, but when it’s on, it’s usually tuned into one of the shows you wrote about.

    Glad to have introduced you to the Yuuuuuuuuup! army. 😉

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