In last week’s League topic, I challenged you to see who could get retweeted or a Facebook mention from the show they wrote about, and at least two of us did! Here on Cool & Collected, I got a RT from Profiles in History, the Twitter account for Hollywood Treasure, and Jordan Hembrough the host of Toy Hunters, but Ashley at Life with Fandom wins after getting a RT by Mike Wolfe of American Pickers. And then there’s our fellow League member, Fong Sam, who actually works at Profiles in History and wrote about himself;)

So, which reality TV treasure hunting show would everyone want to spend a week with? The replies were all over the place, and here’s the breakdown…

American Pickers

Storage Wars

Pawn Stars

Hollywood Treasure

Antiques Roadshow

Comic Book Men

Bargain Hunt

The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer 

Great job everyone! As always, the responses were a fun, entertaining mix. I’ll post this week’s topic later today.

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