Well, unless you’re completely disconnected from the world (then how are you reading my blog?) you have heard about what I like I like to refer to as “Vagina-gate”.

Democratic Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown got banned from speaking during House proceedings for saying the word “Vagina”….ONCE. She was not allowed to speak for the rest of the session, which ironically centered on the female reporductive system.

Some very smart ladies, including Eve Ensler then decided to give a performance of “The Vagina Monologues” on the stairs outside the Michigan House steps in protest. Have I mentioned that these women are officially my heroes? Not only did they provide peaceful protest against rampant stupidity, they did so in an amazing way. With the arts. The liberal vagina loving artist in me is clapping at the sheer genius of the move. Can’t handle ONE Vagina, well then, here’s a ton more.

Here’s a quote from Ensler on the situation: “If we ever knew deep in our hearts that the issue about abortion was not really about fetuses and babies, but really men’s terror of women’s sexuality and power, I think it’s fully evidenced here.”

And be damned if she doesn’t hit it directly on the nose. Why would these legislators find the word “Vagina” so awful that they would ban Representative Brown from the floor? Because “Vagina” is a powerful word. More so then “Uterus.” A uterus, it holds a baby, it bleeds, it’s purpose is purely functions. A “Vagina”, it has all sorts of dirty connotations. Real women don’t have “Vaginas” they have “no-no spots”. Real women, good women, ignore what happens down there unless it has to do with men’s pleasure or the birthing of babies. “Vaginas” give orgasms, pleasure, pain….and POWER. A “Vagina” is not just an organ, it is an idea. A “Vagina” is a concept that women are more then just what a man decides us we should be.

If she is a strong, independent, sexually mature, unafraid woman, she is a “Vagina”. Many of these lawmakers (many conservatives, but not all) don’t understand what to do when a woman is more then just a tool. Vaginas” scare them. Why you ask? Because when we change, when we ‘need’ them less, they lose agency. They lose their metaphorical erection, their entire purpose….so they call us sluts and whores, and attempt to malign our character, to make us come running back to our aprons and apple pie. Because, if we are not their image of a woman (a decoration, a lesser reflection), then what does it make them?

Instead of taking a harder look in the mirror, they TRY to shut us up.

The problem is silencing one lets out a cry to others. We stand together, both women and men, and we become stronger, louder, prouder. One voice became ONE MILLION. Their silencing became a deafening roar.

 Checkmate, Minnesota Legislators. Checkmate.

As a post script here, I would like to point out that Representative Brown used the correct MEDICAL terminology for her discussion. It isn’t like she used pussy, cunt, twat, cooter, coocher, beaver, and the hundreds of other popular slang terminology for Vagina. I would love to know which other term they would have preferred? Oh right, “no-no spot” would probably have been ok.