To find out what actually happens in The Walking Dead #100 check out our review.  But be warned, we talk about it with full spoilers!



In a few short weeks the 100th issue of the Walking Dead will be released.  Series creator and writer Robert Kirkman has promised “issue #100 is going to easily be the most gruesome, most violent, disturbing issue of The Walking Dead yet.”

As a fan who has read all previous 99 issues, most of them on the day they come out, this excites me.  Something huge is going to happen.  If the Walking Dead has proved anything it is that no one is safe.  Anything can happen in this title.  Kirkman has not once held back.  Men women and even children that readers have loved for years can die at absolutely any time.  With this promise from the writer that something intense will happen, lets look at four theories for this milestone issue.

OH!  Beware!  The series will be discussed here, meaning the potential for spoilers is high.  Be careful not to ruin things for yourself.  Although, if you’re trying to find out information on the 100th issue chances are you’re either all caught up or don’t care about spoilers.

All of this is speculation.  I don’t have any contact with Kirkman or anyone at Image.  Although I wish I did.  So do not think any of this is official.

4.  Everyone in the Community dies.

At the end of issue 99 Rick took a small group in the van to go warn the Hilltop that the Survivors will be coming and they will be retailiating.  Rick, Carl, Glenn and Maggie, maybe Michonne as well are all in the van.  Along with a couple others.  There are some major and long term cast members in that van.  There is a very good chance that Rick and the van arrive far too late to do any good, as all inside are dead.

3.  Everyone in the van dies.

Wouldn’t this be a hell of a switch?  What if the Survivors attack the van, and leave the Community?  I mean, they wouldn’t leave them alone.  Chances are Rick’s head would be on a pike and Negan’s people would be demanding tributes.  But, as pointed out above, that would take out a large part of the regular cast.  Including our stars – Rick and Carl.  Andrea would have to step up as leader.  Rick would become a martyr.  The internet would crack in half.  Sure, we all say anything can happen in the Walking Dead.  But Rick is seen as a constant.  Wouldn’t that really mess with everyone’s head to see him not make it to issue 101?

2.  Rick becomes a new Governor.

This has been my prediction for the last two story arcs.  Ever since Rick realized there were multiple camps.  He is about to see friends die and some horrible acts will be committed.  By both sides.  The only way to ensure the safety of everyone left will be to take complete control.  Rick cant relax, he cant hope for the best.  He needs to step up and make tough decisions.  Immoral ones even.  People need to be punished, some need to be controlled, and others need to be taken out.  Rick already has many people who are loyal to him, even if they disagree with his decisions.  In order to ensure the safety of the Community, and the Hilltop and any other groups that may be nearby, Rick will have to become a hard and unforgiving person.  Think about that first trip to the Hilltop, when Rick killed a man.  If we had been reading about the people of the Hilltop for 100 issues, Rick would have been seen as the villain.  Its all about perspective.  He isn’t a great person, but because the story is mostly from his point of view we have grown to love and accept all of his decisions.  I fully believe that after a lengthy battle Rick’s people will win and he will line up everyone that disagrees with him and have them all shot in the back of the head.

1.  Carl kills Rick.

Its a stretch, but very much within the possibilities of the current story line that one Grimes wont make it out of this issue alive.  If Carl was going to die, he would have when half his head was shot off.  Its a miracle he’s still alive, but what kind of life is it?  He is damaged.  Life and death don’t matter to Carl.  There are no moral hang ups.  His life is all about survival.  I truly believe that Carl would kill his own father in order to save his life.  This is where the “disturbing” part of Robert Kirkman’s quote comes into play.  What could be more disturbing than a child killing his own father?  Carl has seen his mother and sister die.  He watched his father cut off a woman’s hand just to escape.  The last few years of his life have taught him that all that matters is survival.  I truly believe that he would kill his own father in order to guarantee life for another day.

All of that said, there is also the distinct possibility that Rick would do the same.  I would not be shocked to see Rick and Carl running away from attackers (either living or living dead) only for Rick to sacrifice Carl.