Aspen Comics brings you its latest and greatest comic book series, Idolized.

Idolized tells the story of America’s greatest talent competition show – Superhero Idol!  Oh, you know if there were super heroes in the world shows like this would exist.  This zero issue preview features talents from the following crew:

Written by David Schwartz

Artwork by MICAH GUNNELL (“Shrugged”, “Dellec”)

Colors by DAVID CURIEL (“Dead Man’s Run”)

Plus three different covers: one by MICAH GUNNELL; a photo cover starring supermodel RACHEL CLARK, photographed by fashion photographer MICHAEL SCHWARTZ; and a limited edition retailer incentive cover by JOE BENITEZ.

These creators are going to show us the journey of our lead character, Joule.  This issue is a trailer, meant to get the readers excited for all the twists and turns this series will take, and it works.  We know Joule will go far in the competition, which is obvious because if she didn’t then we would be following a different character.  There is no character I’d rather follow than Joule.

Please don’t skip over anything in this issue.  Read every word, explore every panel and don’t you dare assume that the faux magazine pages in the back are just filler.  This is going to be one of the richest titles of the year.  In one issue there are already numerous agendas to be explored.  Joule is only signing up to have her revenge against the super terrorist, Stasis.  Already we have our hero and an arch enemy, and the show hasn’t even started.  Add in your host, Noah Ray and the network, MLT.  Plus there is the reward for winning the show, a spot on the Powered Protectors.  A super team having a rookie forced upon them?  Sounds like a recipe for drama.  But that’s not all, we’ll also throw in secret government documents and many agendas are about to explode.  All of this in a preview!

We see Joule as an innocent, as a manipulator, as a star, and finally with her back literally against the wall in her weakest moment.  This might be the sleeper hit of the year.  Everything popular is wrapped up inside this cover and two staples.  There will be no stopping Aspen Comics with this title.

Strong recommendation to buy it and I will be there each and every month putting Idolized at the top of my stack.