After much debate I decided to give the Before Watchmen books a try.  Reviewers I trust have been recommending all of the books and its really too big to not review on a comic book site.

Thankfully this Nite Owl issue is really good.

If you feel you’re supporting Alan Moore by not buying this series, I’m cool with you.  I get it, I understand, and I support you.  But in doing so you’re missing out on a good comic book.

I’ll be honest, the book read to me like a New 52 version of the Ted Kord Blue Beetle.  Not that that is a bad thing by any means.  The Nite Owl we are most familiar with discovers the original Nite Owl and joins the side of good, but only barely.  Its a dramatic scene that teaches us so much about the second Nite Owl.  His drive, his strengths, his intelligence and so much more.

We also learn about his powerless traits as well.  Father issues, a mother who hurts herself only to protect her child, and the personality traits that these influences create.  As this series continues I have no doubt that the daddy and mommy issues will bubble forward to create the mentally wounded hero we see in Watchmen.

Don’t hold yourself back from these titles.  They feature the best writers and artists in all of comics.  Characters that have been familiar to you all of your comic book reading life become bigger.  Sure, Watchmen is great and you can keep that as an isolated 12 issue tale if you wish.  But Lois Lane wasn’t in Action Comics #1.  Wolverine wasn’t in X-Men #1.  Frank Miller didn’t create Batman.  None of these additions takes away anything from the original tales.  The characters grow in our minds and our hearts from these further tales.  Open your minds (and yes your wallets too) and give these new expansion tales a try.