On June 27th Aspen Comics will release Soulfire Hope, the first part of the Search for the Light event.

It is an action packed beginning with so much more than that taking place at the same time.  Faye must choose a suitor and a battle of warriors takes place until only one is left standing.  The main two challengers are Sarin and Shadow.  They both reveal jaw dropping truths behind their motivations.  While one is a clear cut babyface and one a heel (to use the wrestling vernacular) that doesn’t mean that everyone’s actions are as clear.

The story is tragic.   Sure its called Hope.  However, the only reason to need Hope is because things are so bad that’s all you have left.  Warriors surround her, death and destruction are constants and yet Faye is the strongest one in the book.  She makes tough decisions.  She isn’t doing anything for her own personal good.  It is all for the good of the people.

Learn from this comic.  The noble sacrifice does not equate with weakness.  Sometimes more is gained in defeat than in victory.  Most of all, play the long game.  Today may not have worked out.  The villain may have won the day, but that is no reason to stay down.  I look forward to seeing more of Faye’s story.  She is torn between the lover who has fought for her, and the love who battles every day for her.  These may sound alike, but actually come from opposite ends of motivation.

I’ll continue to hope for the best for these characters (well, the good ones) but things don’t look good on the final page.  The decisions made will have horrible, and most likely deadly, repercussions for all.  This current series of Soulfire may be Aspen’s most adult title yet.  The motivations and the emotions inside rival those on any Emmy program or Man Booker prize winner.

Don’t buy only one copy of Soulfire: Hope today.  Buy two and read it with a friend.  Then spend the whole day debating the characters’ decisions.  We’ll be here to debate with you.