Ayla, of the Lightworld, is half-faery, half-human. Malachai is from the Darkworld and once was a Death Angel. A happenstance meeting has their lives intertwined and a love that is destined for greater things.

Sounds like an awful premise, to be honest, but Armintrout does a beautiful job with the story. This is not a simple love story, this is a story of obsession, of need, of different backgrounds, and of slightly different characters. Both Ayla and Malachai are twisted in thoughts and actions, She’s an Assassin he was an angel straight from God who has fallen, because of her. I do not want to give away too much of the plot because I was pleasantly surprised by most of it and would like any readers to have the same ride.

My complaints about this book, because we know I always have a complaint, is that it’s really a short novel that seems to be thickened up with pretty descriptions that are wholly unnecessary. The plot is basic, while the characters are not, but the description seems to come in at such odd times as if it is just filler. I found if I wanted I could easily skip much of the description and only read the conversation and not have missed a thing. I never recommend this, because you might miss something, but in this case it was possible.

Still, the Lightworld/Darkworld, or two separate Fae kingdoms, are given such a different outlook, darker, without really romanticizing the struggles of the Fae, that this novel captured me and made me want to read more. For once I do not regret buying an entire trilogy at once. Granted, this was only book one, but if she keeps up the pace for the next two I might turn out to be a happy reader.

Reasons to Read:

– Deep Characters

– Interesting Looks at Betrayal

– A Darker look at the Fae World than most Romance novels offer

– A contained story in book 1

Reasons Not to Read:

– Too much needless descriptions during conversations

– Not a romantic love story