Reviewing Ryo Takagi’s The Devil Within

An interesting concept for a shoujo romance story. A young girl who was scarred for life by an adult video she watched when young shuns the attentions of older men or men her own age, much preferring men that are younger. Meeting a seemingly young boy and nearly instantly falling in love with him her foster father throws a wrench in her plans by introducing to her three men who are each her fiancé. She has to choose which man she will marry.

Unfortunately, the story itself falls apart. There is almost no reason for her to have a raging crush on young boys only, Takagi could have done this differently and still had him cursed. Instead, during the first novel the main heroine is crazed and needy for young boys and in the second she has an almost level head and while still showing signs of craziness does things almost selflessly and becomes a compassionate person.

Telling a story in only two novels is hard and will inevitably feel rushed, as this did. There is some resolution in the end, enough that the two short books aren’t left simply floundering, but there are still unanswered questions. If Takagi had not felt the restrictions of a two novel series she might have been able to tell her full story. It’s a shame she could not and instead we are left with a sort of mess.

The entire series grade: C


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