I received an ARC of this book from Gualtieri and I was absolutely prepared to be brutal when he said he could take it. I LOVE being brutal, it’s one of my favorite things to do. You know, don’t ask for my opinion if you can’t handle it. Imagine my disappointment when I dove into this novel and it was excellent! It went by quickly and did not linger on anything too long so that the comedic timing fell short or the gory action (and there was) seemed misplaced. Everything worked off of the next thing and the last thing.

The third book in the series it takes a huge step and stops foreshadowing things to come and sort of, well, brings it! While one reveal is a bit obvious the other blew me away. That Gualtieri can still surprise me in a series that is mostly comedy and action and seems like it should not be full of creative genius proves that he actually is a creative genius. The plot is well thought out through the three novels and this one only left me waiting for the next one.

Flaws with the story? None.

Reasons to Read:

– You read the first two and loved them, you’ll love this one

– Great style, comedy, storytelling

Reasons Not to Read:

– There isn’t one.