Coming July 11th to all good comic book stores, and hopefully one of them is near you!  Charismagic has been one of my favorite titles of the year and every single issue was my favorite of the week.  This comic is on my short list of best series for the year.

There will be four covers for this issue.  Each one more incredible than the last!

Hooray for Hollywood!  But, see what I mean.  Which cover do you buy today?  I say put down the money for all three.

All three you say, but Kevin aren’t there four covers?  Oh yes there are, but the last one is going to be an SDCC exclusive.

If you’re headed to San Diego stop by the Aspen Comics booth first because they have some gorgeous exclusives this year.  Lets see what Aspen Comics themselves have to say about the sixth issue of Charismagic.

Charismagic #6

Story – Vince Hernandez, Art – Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez

Everything you thought you knew about magic will Vanish. The valiant quest to save the world from catastrophe and the treacherous clutches of dark magic reaches its pulse-pounding conclusion with this epic finale issue! Hank, Sudana and Sparkles must find a way to save the banished wizard Kon and make one final stand against Samsun’s vile and powerful magic or risk losing everything-including the return of the entire human population and their close allies Hector and Alle, who could find themselves trapped in the evil shadows of the Void Realm forever if they fail!

In stores July 11th!

Check out preview art pages and get in line behind me for the final issue to this first (hopefully of many) Charismagic stories!