Or July 5th, depending on where you’re buying your comic books today.

I’m not sure where or when I’ll be buying mine yet.  I should have thought of that earlier in the day.  Guess I’ll call around and see which stores are open tomorrow.  Check comiXology too.  I’m all for celebrating the holidays but this is a blog that has comic books as one of its focuses and I still need my books each and every Wednesday.

One store guaranteed to have all the books you want in stock each and every Wednesday is Zeus Comics in Austin, TX.  We get the cover images from their site each and every week and support everything that they do.


Lets get this comic party started!

Avengers vs X-Men #7

In the Marvel 616 Universe this is the cover for Slayer’s Raining Blood.

Dan the Unharmable #3

Well he really fucking better be.  Guy is taking bullets to the face.  Unharmable would be a blessing.

Deadpool #57

Yes.  Yes this is only here because it says “Trapster”.  I am intrigued how this issue will take one of the most mocked villains in all of comics and turn him into something cover worthy.

Executive Assistant Assassins #1 – Eduardo Francisco cover

Pure T and A… or so you thought.  That sai is there for a reason.

Fathom: Kiani #3 – Eduardo Francisco cover

This was unintentional but damn Eduardo is doing some amazing work lately.  I’m also a sucker for all the detail in Kiani.

Hero Worship #1

I didn’t hear a thing about this title until seeing this cover.  Between the babies, the hero, the truck and an outstanding use of contrasting colors I have to buy this comic today even though I still don’t know anything about what’s inside.